Social Signals Now Affect Search — Google Announces Possum Algorithm

[box type=”note” ] Sorry to break it to you: this is an April Fool’s joke and there won’t be any Tinder insights in Searchlight. But, we will be getting marketers ready for the real Google update later this month. Sign up for the #MobileReady webinar here! [/box]

In addition to preparing for Google’s impending mobile update, sites are now reporting major ranking fluctuations from Google’s Possum algorithm release. In Google’s new Possum algorithm, authors’ personal social data impact the authority of a pagetwitter-icon

Possum Draws Social Data From Far Beyond the Big 3 Networks

The algorithm change is unique in the breadth of Google’s data sources. Along with the three standard titans of social industry (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn), Google is drawing from a wide range of APIs and growing partnerships, including its burgeoning integrations with Uber, Tinder, and

Google is also reportedly in partnership talks with a myriad of other data sources, including GrubHub, Spotify, and even educational institutions like the CollegeBoard (which creates the SAT College Admission Test). twitter-icon

Conductor Searchlight Features to Address Possum’s Impact on Rankings

To arm marketers as they address these major changes to the digital landscape, Conductor is today releasing a slew of new Web Presence Management features.

In addition to Channel Insights, our first-to-market integration with YouTube, we are unveiling:

  • Tinder Insights: swipe metrics, time on picture, and ROI (Relationship On Investment) will provide macro and micro looks into individual contributors’ Tinder Authority. (Our upcoming Google satellite integration will calculate the margin of error between users’ photos and actual physical appearance.)
  • Uber Experience Tracking: Uber driver ratings of individual contributors, which you can filter by location, device and “backseat driver-ness.”
  • Netflix Mapping: Trends will be segmented by user, genre, and frequency of popup, “Are you still watching this show?” A GrubHub integration for cross-data correlation is in beta. twitter-icon

Content Mapping with Netflix and Grubhub

Possum Algorithm and Web Presence Management

The Possum Algorithm is one more indication that the web is becoming seamlessly integrated. In it, organic channels and content are king.

Conductor remains committed to bringing you the best and brightest features for capturing market share in all organic channels. In that vein, we’re pleased to announce our brand new Searchlight VR program for Oculus Rift.

Searchlight Oculus Rift Program

…April fools! Did we get you? 🙂

Want to know how we’re getting marketers ready for the real Google update later this month? Sign up for the #MobileReady webinar.

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