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The 2015 Google Panda Update Is Here, and You Should Be Celebrating


It looks like Google’s Panda 4.2 update has actually reversed any updates that have taken effect since the start of the update. Unfortunately, Webmasters are irked — all the gains they saw at the beginning of this rollout have reverted and returned to pre-update levels.

While this may upset many SEOs, Google is simply following the same pattern they have since they began rolling out these types of updates. They historically test, tweak, and rollback changes after their updates. This is part of Google’s process to make the search experience with their engine better.

The 2015 Google panda update, Panda 28, has finally arrived. This Google panda update stands out for a few reasons.

  1. We typically see a few of them a year, but it took almost 10 months for Panda 28 to roll out.
  2. It’s rolling out over the course of a few months, where as a typical Google panda update rolls out in a few days.
  3. Compared to other updates where sites have suffered major losses, this 2015 Google panda refresh will actually be cause for many to celebrate.

In regards to points one and two, we’re left with two likely conclusions: either this Google Panda Update is larger than others, or the process has become extremely complex and this is the new normal.

As for the third point: for many marketers, the Google Panda Update will be cause to celebrate. It’s very likely that Panda 28 will be a time of recovery from the negative impacts of Panda 27.

What You Need to Know about The Google Panda Update

For those of you who are confused about whether this is an algorithm change or not, fear not. It is no #mobilegeddon. Instead, it is a manual push of data that typically happens once a quarter.

You can think of Panda as a filter that sits on top of the core algorithm and focuses on a specific factor—eliminating thin content by penalizing those sites that don’t fall within Google guidelines. In fact, Google has hundreds of known filters such as Panda, Penguin, Pirate, Phantom and Pigeon (anyone else notice a propensity for P’s in their naming convention?).


Make Sure the Google Panda Update Is a Win for Your Site

If you want to make sure that you are rewarded by Google, ensure that you are creating unique content that matches searches that matter to your customers. Plus, it’s just good marketing.

“Marketers who are staying within Google’s guidelines and creating unique and compelling content will be rewarded for those efforts with this Panda 28 push.” – Pat Reinhart, Conductor Director of Digital Strategies, lover of all things Panda. twitter-icon

Look at our past Google algorithm update post to see how algorithms change rankings and then normalize with recovery.

Show Us Your SEO Skills: Play the Filter Matching Game

So think you are a filter guru like Pat “the Panda” Reinhart? Match wits with him by matching the filter with the use. Or Tweet us your favorite one. The more obscure the better @conductor.

The first marketer to finish the Matching Game gets a prize! Win your very own plush panda.

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