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5 New Findings on Twitter in Google Search Results

At the beginning of the year, Google and Twitter penned a deal that would be mutually beneficial. Google would get access to Twitter’s content, and Twitter would get more exposure in Google’s search results.

While we know the rate at which Google indexes tweets has dramatically increased over the past few months (check out Stone Temple’s research on this), there was no insight into how Google indexed those tweets.

What search positions did Twitter appear in? Would Twitter have favoritism over Facebook or other social networks in the search results? The data below, gathered by Conductor Searchlight, gives new insight into those questions.

google twitter search

Again, here is a summary of the Twitter Google search highlights captured in the infographic:

  • When Twitter appears in the search results, it appears nearly 8 out of 10 times (79%) as both profiles and tweets. twitter-icon
  • Google views social results as supplementary to web results: only 17% of Twitter results appear in position 1-3, whereas 41% of results appear in positions 4-6. twitter-icon
  • When it rains it pours: 11% of the time Twitter results appears in Google’s search results, there is more than one Twitter result. twitter-icon
  • When Twitter appears in the search results, more than half the time (53%), Facebook also appears. twitter-icon

Social Media is a Powerful Part of Your Web Presence

What should you takeaway from this? For one — dust off that corporate Twitter account or give it some love.

In a more general sense, this study highlights the fact that social media is growing in its importance, and is a more and more prominent avenue for customers find you.

It’s also an exciting opportunity to dominate the search results. After all, 11% of the time Twitter appears in search, it does multiple times and takes up more than one search position. And, more than half the time Twitter appears, Facebook appears with it. With that much real estate available, brands have a real opportunity to knock their competitors off the first page with strategic web presence management.

Learn more about Twitter in the Google search results, and read other industry opinions here: Blurred Lines: Are Social and Search Merging?

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