What is a Facebook Dark Post?

A Dark Post is defined as, “a status update, link share, video or photo that was never meant to be shared as an organic post. Staying true to its name, it’s never published but is only surfaced as an ad.”

Facebook dark posts appear exclusively in the news feed, so while they’re easy to buzz by they also won’t clog the consumer’s page. It appears just like a normal status update, picture, or article link.

What does a Dark Post do?

A Facebook dark post allows marketers to target specific customers. twitter-icon A current customer or Facebook fan would probably ignore, or may even become a little irritated, if constantly bombarded with advertisements from a product they already use. A dark post lets you pick and choose who sees your ad, even though the content will never actually show up on your own page.

While this may sound very similar to a targeted post, there is one major difference between the two. A targeted post allows you to market based on characteristics (age, gender) while a dark post allows you to target based on specific keywords. For example, you can create a Facebook campaign to target people with certain job titles.

How does a Dark Post work?

A dark post is very specific, and can have one message targeted towards very different audiences. This can be very useful when you want to connect with one specific demographic without engaging your other groups.


In this regard, you could create 10 different product updates in one day without over saturating your page or followers’ newsfeed. It also allows you to share some of your best content with the most ideal audience in the form of a regular status update.

How Dark Posts Allow You to Expand Your Brand

Tami Cannizzaro, Head of Marketing at eBay, recently explained to us the power of the dark post at C3 while giving advice on social best practices:

“We’re going to Facebook heavily, and so Facebook dark posts tend to be doing really well. You can really target specific demographics and profiles on Facebook and [this company was] able to take their brand and become two completely different brands to two completely different audiences.” –Tami Cannizzaro, Head of Marketing at eBay

You probably have different filters on your personal Facebook page for your grandmother and your roommate from college. A Facebook dark post allows you to do the same thing, but with your brand.

The Facebook dark post allows brands to completely change their outreach, message, and impact in a very simple way. This ensures that messages never get sent to the wrong audience. It gives you total control in what you want your demographic to see. twitter-icon

The Ultimate Power of a Facebook Dark Post

A Facebook dark post allows you to talk to the people who matter to you, giving you exceptional reach into new audiences you may have never engaged with before. Every buyer’s journey is different, so it’s important to change the message across the board.

With a Facebook dark post you can hyper-target with some great content. So ask yourself, are you still afraid of the Facebook dark post?

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