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SEO News: Google Mobile Update, New Blogger Penalties, Huge Mobile Auto Ads

In the April edition of Conductor 30|30 (which is 30 minutes on the last 30 days in search, social, and content), I get into:

  • Google’s new “Google Analytics 360 Suite”
  • Google’s Guidelines for Bloggers They Receive Free Products For Reviews
  • Google Launches HUGE Mobile Search Ads for Automakers
  • Mobile-Friendly Algorithm is Getting a Boost in May



Not all the details are in this post. Learn more by watching the full webinar recording for April’s edition.


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Google Launches “Google Analytics 360 Suite”

Google finally releases their premium analytics suite, Google Analytics 360 Suite, which includes 6 products: Analytics 360 (formerly GA Premium), Tag Manager 360, Attribution 360 (formerly Adometry), Optimize 360, Audience Center 360, and Data Studio 360.


This suite costs $150,000 a year and is meant to compete with Adobe Analytics.


Google Tells Bloggers to Disclose & NoFollow Links When They Receive Free Products For Reviews

This is nothing new: Google has been telling bloggers to disclose when they receive gifted products in exchange for reviews and nofollow links that lead back to the product’s site. This is because, Google sees free product links as “paid” links. Apparently, Amazon is doing the same thing: taking down reviews if the reviewer does not state the product was free.

Here are new guidelines for bloggers from Google Webmasters:

  • Nofollow the link when you link to the company’s site, the company’s social media accounts, an online merchant’s page that sells the product, a review service’s page featuring reviews of the product or the company’s mobile app on an app store.
  • Disclose the relationship between you and the company that gave you the product for free. Google said “users want to know when they’re viewing sponsored content” and sometimes there is a legal requirement to do so.
  • Create compelling, unique content so that it adds value beyond what is out on the web. Google said you should “provide exclusive content that only you can create due to your unique expertise or resources.”

Last weekend, thousands of sites were hit with manual penalties for outbound links, which are connected to free product reviews that are not nofollowed. If you’re a blogger or you have bloggers working for you, you need to follow these guidelines and know you’re not going to get the link equity back if they link back to you.


Google Launches HUGE Mobile Search Ads for Automakers

And I mean, HUGE:


Google launched these ads only for automakers and dealerships. There are two types of ads available:

  1. Model Automative Ads: includes large-format images, performance details, links to the manufacturer’s website, nearby dealer details, and more. We’ve never had image ads before, though they were tested awhile ago.
  2. Dealer Automative Ads: similar to local listing ads, except you have to pay for it. They includes location, directions, and a click-to-call button for nearby dealerships and display at the top of mobile search results.

According to Google, the purpose of these ads has been mainly due to the fact that half of automotive searches now occur on smartphones, up 51% from a year ago.

How will this affect organic search?

It’s all relative. When the righthand ads went away last month, nothing really changed. Depending on industry, CPC and organic engagement went up for some people and went down for others.


Google Mobile Update is Getting a Boost in May

Google has announced that in the beginning of May, they will boost the effects of the mobile-friendly algorithm that they launched back in April of 2015.

Per Google, this update “increases the effect of the [mobile-friendly] ranking signal” and if you are already mobile-friendly, that you don’t have to work because, “you will not be impacted by this update.”

What if part of your site is not mobile-friendly but the core of your site is? The mobile-friendly update affects page by page, and is not site-wide. The parts of your site that is not mobile-friendly will fall in mobile rankings but the mobile-friendly pages should get a boost.

If you haven’t built a mobile-friendly website yet, you will really feel the effects of the algorithm this time. Get on it! Here’s a mobile-friendly checklist.

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