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Here’s How Google’s Mobile SEO Update Impacts Marketers (AKA Mobilegeddon Part 2)

In the May 2016 edition of Conductor 30|30 (which is 30 minutes on the last 30 days in search, social, and content), I discuss:

  • The Mobile Friendly Algo Is Being Boosted
  • Google Has a New Mobile Friendly Test
  • Google Says To Keep Redirects Indefinitely
  • Having A Healthy, Thriving Community Affects Rankings



There’s more to learn about what’s going on! Watch the full webinar recording for May’s edition.


The 2nd Mobile Friendly Algorithm Update is Here

What you’ve all been waiting for… The 2nd mobile-friendly update is finally here! And according to Google, it “increases the effect of the mobile-friendly ranking signal.” Which means, compared to the very tame Mobilegeddon last year, this update will actually make an impact.

If your site is already mobile friendly (which it should be — it’s 2016!), you have nothing to worry about — you won’t feel any effects from this update. If your site is not yet mobile friendly, you may see a decrease in mobile rankings and activity.

It’s important to note: the mobile friendly algorithm isn’t just about rankings. Mobilegeddon shouldn’t matter if you’ve already focused on user experience. And when your customer is on mobile, your site’s success will depend on a great mobile experience. Get your customers the best mobile experience.

Google Released a New Version of the Mobile Friendly Test

Google Search Console has released a newly revamped version of the mobile friendly testing tool.


They announced it by also proclaiming their love for mobile on the Webmasters Blog:

“Mobile is close to our heart – we love seeing more and more sites make their content available in useful & accessible ways for mobile users. To help keep the ball rolling, we’ve now launched a new Mobile Friendly Test.”

Check it out here.

Google is Testing Black Fonts for their SERPs

Recently, I noticed that Google was testing black fonts on their site. In my opinion, it took away from the search experience by making the text on the page blend together.


Does this affect me at all?

Not really, it’s one of the thousands of tests that Google runs every year. Let’s just hope it’s only a test.

Google Says To Keep Redirects Indefinitely

Common question: if you have redirects, how long do you keep them?

My answer: you should always keep your 301 redirects.

Gary Illyes (Google Webmaster Trends Analyst) recently said that you can actually remove the redirects “if the new page is already indexed.”


Basically, once Google crawls the page, it will pass the link equity that exists through that redirect at that time, and you can remove the redirect afterwards. Any new linking that occurs to the original URL will not be passed on if the redirect is removed.

There is a Relationship Between Community-Building and Rankings

Another insight from Gary Illyes: having a thriving community can actually help your site in rankings.



This makes sense: you don’t want to just focus on keywords. You want people interacting with your brand by commenting on your posts or discussing on Twitter, FB, and Instagram. That’s what good quality content does.

You’re caught up. But make sure you’re caught up next month too — sign up for our Conductor 30|30 webinar next month.

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