marketing-execs-survey-featuredWe surveyed 387 digital marketing executives to find out how they plan to grow revenue in 2017.

Organic search took both the #1 and #2 spots for top priority channels in 2017, and a third of execs plan to hire more SEO and content staff.

70% plan to spend more on marketing technology, but there’s a catch — the majority of marketing executives say they are “overwhelmed” by their dashboards and data.

Our prediction: 2017 will be a year when top marketing executives need more than just information from their tech stack — they need easy access to insight.

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70% of marketing executives anticipate increasing their budgets in 2017


The majority of marketing executives are increasing their budget by 1-10% in 2017.

56% Are Using 2 to 5 Dashboards or Reports to Understand Their Overall Marketing Performance

Marketing execs rely on reporting to determine their success and failures in marketing initiatives. According to our survey, 31% of marketing execs use more than 5 dashboards or reports.

marketing execs reports

53% of Marketing Executives Say They Feel “Overwhelmed” by the Amount of Data in Their Marketing Technologies

More data is good… right?

Even as they plan to spend more on marketing technology in 2017, the majority of marketing executives feel “overwhelmed” by the amount of data in their marketing technologies.


Though the study shows us this concerning challenge, it also gives us clues to the potential solution: in 2017, we’ll see executives searching for and investing in the ability to extract real insight — not just in data and technology alone.

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