According to a study we released earlier this year, 62% of marketing executives are using between 6 to 20 technologies, and 70% are planning to spend more on marketing technology in 2017.

Marketers have spoken: they’re using more marketing technologies and increasing their technology budgets. As marketers continue to blend technology and marketing to drive results, what tools are they relying on?

We surveyed 171 marketers to find out what they use within 3 areas: search marketing, social and content management, and collaboration and reporting.


2 out of 3 Marketers Use Google Search Console for Backlink Management

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When it comes to backlink management, 66.7% of marketers picked Google Search Console as their number one choice.

34.5% of marketers reported using Open Site Explorer, while 19.9% don’t manage their backlinks at all.

90% of Marketers Rely on Google Adwords For PPC Management

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This wasn’t even a contest: by an overwhelming ratio of 9:1, 87.1% of marketer chose Google Adwords as their go-to technology for paid search.

42.1% pay big money for major platforms like Marin, Kenshoo, or “other,” while 8.8% do not do paid search at all.

More Than Half of Marketers Don’t Monitor Site Speed

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52.1% of marketers don’t use a site speed monitoring tool.

Why is this surprising? Website speed doesn’t just provide a better customer experience; it’s also one of the ranking factors used by Google.

42% of Marketers Use WordPress as Their Content Management System

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42.7% of respondents use WordPress as their content management system, and 28.1% use Drupal.

We’re seeing this trend more and more: marketers are getting fed up with waiting around for IT, and are taking control of their own CMS.

11.1% chose “none that I know of” as their preferred CMS, which suggests that 11.1% of marketers either don’t know or have to rely on another department to work in their CMS.

70% of Marketers Don’t Include Paid Content Syndication as Part of Their Overall Strategy

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69.6% of marketers did not use content distribution and syndication tools. Of the marketers who did use these tools, only two—Outbrain (23.4%) and Taboola (15.2%) —were chosen.

56% of Marketers Use HootSuite For Social Management

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While 21.1% of marketers reported not using a social management tool at all, 55.6% of respondents use HootSuite.


75% of Marketers Use Email Over Slack or Hipchat for Cross-Team Communication

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3 out of every 4 of marketers uses email when it comes to collaboration and messaging.

29.2% use popular messaging chat, Slack, tied with an “internal chat system.”

More than 50% Use Business Intelligence Software For Reporting

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While business intelligence software can significantly help an organization make smarter business decisions, it’s a relatively new investment for many companies. That’s why this surprised us: more than 50% use business intelligence software for their reporting needs.

Which tools reigned most popular? 27.5% use Tableau, while 9.4 use Domo.

57% of Marketers Use Email as Their Task/Project Management Tool

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Even above Basecamp, Trello, JIRA, and Asana, 57.9% of marketers use email for task management.

Alongside other task management tools, 59.1% use Google Docs and Excel for project management.

39% of Marketers Don’t Use Any Marketing Automation Technologies

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With inbound marketing being central to driving leads to businesses’ websites, it’s surprising that 39.2% don’t use any marketing automation or inbound marketing tools.

18.1% chose Marketo, 17% favored Hubspot, and 15.2% went with Eloqua.

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