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Get The Voice of the Customer in Your Smartphone – the New Conductor Marketing App

It’s amazing seeing how people open another browser tab during the 15 seconds a YouTube pre-roll ad is playing. If content is not valuable, you don’t have to pay attention.

Companies have a choice. They can spend more and more money forcing their content in front of people, or they can focus on creating value so customers choose to engage with their content.

Valuable content comes in a lot of different forms – ads, organic content, social – and it is always in the voice of the customer. It’s content that they want, in their words, and in some way makes that customer’s life better.

Carry the Voice of the Customer with You in the New Conductor Mobile App

If you want to give your customer valuable content, you have to first know who they are and what they want. And that why it’s never been more important to have direct, constant access to the voice of the customer.

At Conductor, our mission is to make that possible, and that’s why I am so excited to share our new mobile app with the world.

The Conductor mobile app empowers you to access your customer’s intent in any meeting or situation. Are you in a product naming brainstorm? Check the voice of the customer. Are you researching the pain points your prospects have before they buy your product? Check the voice of the customer. Looking to create content that meets your customers needs? Check the voice of the customer. Updating your categories or taxonomy structure? Check the voice of the customer.

If you use the words your customers use, they’re more likely to find you and engage with you. It can make the difference between no visibility and a constant stream of traffic.

If you use the words your customers use, they’re more likely to find you and engage with you.

For example, our customer AAA discovered that while they used the word “savings” throughout their site, customers were searching for “discounts.” When they did a ‘find-and-replace’ using “discounts” instead, they saw an immediate 30% increase in traffic.  It can be that simple.

Enter a Topic and See How Your Customers Think About It

Conductor’s Voice of the Customer technology gives you access to what customers are searching for, and the intent behind their search.

The marketing app gives you a snapshot of demand, competition, and how the topic fits in the customer journey.

Mobile App 1

For example, if you sell ‘Bathroom Tiles’ and you want to learn what people search for BEFORE they are ready to buy bathroom tiles – just check off the early stage journey filter and look at some of these great ideas. The algorithm behind this is very powerful and telling.

You can also enter a topic and see the most relevant sub-topics. You can further include (or exclude) those topics to filter the voice of the customer to your direct needs.


The Conductor app is built to make it fast and easy for anyone touching any aspect of your digital presence to make smarter, customer-first decisions.

Get Insights about How Your Content is Performing

Insight Stream is also available in Conductor’s marketing app. With Insight Stream, you get a newsfeed of critical business insights, performance updates, and digital marketing opportunities (see video for more on Insight Stream).

Insight Stream works across multiple marketing technologies like your analytics and Google Search Console accounts analyzing your data for you and delivering simple, human insights.

By the time you get to your office, you’ll already know all the key events happening for the day – and you don’t need to sift through tables and dashboards to figure it out.

Mobile App 2

You can save the insights you want to take a closer look at later, share them over text with your team, or simply start a conversation by leaving a comment and tagging other team members.

Get the Voice of the Customer in Your Pocket

To win the constant battle for our customers’ attention, we need to constantly listen to the voice of the customer and understand their needs.

We created the Conductor marketing app to make that simple and accessible, wherever you are in the world.

If you are a customer, you should get your entire product, digital, merchandizing and content staff on the app – and coach them on how simple and powerful (and now easy) it can be to use the voice of the customer.

And if you are not yet a customer, reach out to us for a demo – we would love to show you how amazing a customer-first marketing approach can be.

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