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2 Content Marketing Methods You Can Use To Tap Into Your User’s Behavior

Been slaving over optimizing every single page? You might be doing it wrong.

After all, marketers don’t just want more traffic; they want “more better” traffic. Grant Simmons in his webinar, Building An Unscalable Content Strategy And Other Truths Of Unoptimization, shares the content marketing methods he uses to drive more and better traffic. First and foremost, his strategy of “Unoptimization.”

Before you freak out – because as a marketer, optimization is what you spend most of your time doing – let us explain. Grant’s idea of “Unoptimization” is merely a pushback to marketers obsessed with optimizing solely for search engines.

This focus needs to switch to the user. How does your audience search? What must they look for? What do they want to look for?

But before all that, let’s take it back to the basics. Why does anyone search at all? Two reasons: “triggers” and “tickles.” twitter-icon


Let’s say you work in the real estate space. A common question often addressed in real estate marketing is “Why People Move.”

An example of a trigger in this scenario is “eviction” or “foreclosure” — something marketers can’t control.

Triggers happen without marketers. They cause users to go online and search for answers.


So if we can’t control it, how do we connect and create great content with them?

Try to understand them. Find out what questions are triggered and answer them. Conduct surveys or gather data on people who have been evicted. Figure out exactly what type of content will connect: anywhere from educating someone before a potential eviction or supplying information post-eviction. twitter-icon


Ways to Connect with Triggers:

    • Q&A: Leverage research to create ‘robust’ answers
    • Guides: e.g. “What to do if you’re evicted”
    • Supplemental: Credit/Finances, Short term Housing, Lawyers/Legal, Government Support


It’s easy to understand triggers when you do your homework. Where the difficulty lies for most search marketers is in the tickles.

With great content, we have to know what motivates people. twitter-icon Tickles are the stimuli of needs and desires. And we have a great opportunity to create search around these.

Tickles are the stimuli of needs and desires. As marketers, we can “tickle” a user into wanting or needing.


For example, to the same question “Why People Move,” a tickle is someone wanting to move to a “better neighborhood.” As search marketers, we can create content that connects with that desire by asking open-ended questions: What are you looking for that’s better in a new neighborhood?


Ways to Connect with Tickles:

    • Leverage user survey/responses:
        • Best in Neighborhood…Best, top, awards, safest, user reviews etc.,
        • School data/information
        • Restaurants/activities
        • GEO-based studies
        • Jobs/economy
        • Commute etc.

Target Both Triggers and Tickles For Better Content

Ultimately, better content means it’s better targeted. twitter-icon When a user is searching, he or she is just looking for an answer to his or her question. Why not be the one to answer them?

Make sure to download the Building An Unscalable Content Strategy And Other Truths Of Unoptimization webinar — learn more about how to make Google and your users happy.

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