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Your Location Guide For The Best Content Marketing Salary

We’ve updated our data for Digital Marketing and SEO salaries to help inform marketers and hiring managers. See the new 2023 Digital Marketing Jobs Salary Guide.

This year’s Inbound Marketing Salary and Jobs Guide brought exciting new insights into the industry. Content jobs are booming, SEO is becoming a required skill for marketers across the board, and the Content Marketing Specialist salary is on the rise.

This year, the average Content Marketing Specialist salary in 2017 is $55,794 in the United States.

But why should the insights stop there? We dove back into the data on four countries—The United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom—and discovered: Content Directors are bringing in the highest salaries in Canada, Content Managers are raking in the dough in the U.S., and Content Marketing Specialists are paid the most in Australia.
content marketing jobs salaries on the rise
For a full analysis on the 9 inbound marketing titles and a breakdown of salaries by job and location, take a look at the full report:


Here’s what else we found:

1. The Content Marketing Specialist Salary is on the Rise in the U.S.

content marketing specialist salary

One position poised for steady growth is Content Marketing Specialist, which saw a 13% increase in average salary since 2016. Coupled with a 28% increase in SEO Specialist salaries this year, it’s a good time to have Specialist in your title.

But enough of the what, let’s talk the where:

2. New York and San Francisco are Top Content Marketing Cities

content marketing specialist salary 2017 across US cities

When it comes to available jobs for SEO and content positions alike, New York and San Francisco are the cities to live in. To round out the top five, Chicago took the third spot, followed by Los Angeles and Boston.

3. The U.S. Has 3X as Many Content Marketing Jobs as the U.K.

marketing guide to the volume of content jobs across the world

When you compare the United States to Australia, Canada, and the U.K., it’s no contest who has the most available content marketing positions. Not only is the job demand for content marketers booming in the U.S., but The United States has more than three times as many content jobs as the next closest country we looked at.

The United Kingdom pulled in a strong second, and available content marketing positions were more scarce in Canada and Australia.

4. The Highest Content Marketing Salaries are in California Cities

highest content marketing specialist salaries across US cities

Cali, baby. California is the place to be if you want to receive the highest content marketing salary. While available content marketing jobs may be more scarce in San Jose, CA, (it landed #15 on our top cities for available content marketing jobs), it is home to the highest salaries for both Content Managers and Content Directors.

Content Marketing Specialists will have the best luck in San Francisco, CA, where on average they make $65,611.

5. Canada Has the Highest Content Director Salaries

highest content marketing director salaries are in canada

Now you have one more reason to move to Canada.

No one country has a monopoly on high-paying content marketing salaries — but, it’s interesting to note the difference in salary across titles and countries.

Curious which trends are affecting other marketing positions and marketing jobs salaries? Dig deeper into the data with the full 2017 report.

We’ve updated our data for Digital Marketing and SEO salaries to help inform marketers and hiring managers. See the new 2023 Digital Marketing Jobs Salary Guide.

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