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New Technology That Defines the Value of All Your Content Marketing Actions

Great marketing is about delivering value. Customers are now in control; they choose what they want and avoid what they don’t. As a result, marketers have to bring something to the table.

As the industry moves into a customer-first future, the most successful marketers will be the ones who see marketing not a way to sell something, but as an opportunity to solve real problems for real people. The is the core idea behind Customer-First Marketing.

Much of Customer-First Marketing is about offering great content — which means we need strong technology to measure and demonstrate returns, so we can grow investment. Great marketers need to connect every action to delivery on their campaigns.

Too often do we see marketers doing great work, yet finding it almost impossible to demonstrate their impact on revenue. In most forms of marketing, ROI is about what you spent over what you returned. However, for our customers, it’s about activities — new content creation, content updates, etc. — over what they return over time.

Our vision for our latest major innovation, Content Activity Reporting, is to make it possible for our customers to demonstrate the returns on all their actions – and for their companies to see the incredible value delivered.  Our first release is a huge step forward against this vision.

By tying together search data, activity tracking, and analytics, Content Activity Reporting automatically detects and reports on how your new and updated content affects ranking and revenue, making it easy for content marketers and SEOs to strategize around content best practices and diagnose problems. We can now see the concrete results of our content on both the page and segment level, in a snapshot and over time.

This new technology will make it possible for marketers to know how their customers find and interact with their content. And the better we understand the value of content, the more we can provide true value and enrich the lives of our customers.

This is a major step forward in the unification of Content and SEO, determining the value of content, and the elimination of silos that prevent our organizations from doing the work they’re meant to do.

To complement the value provided by Content Activity Reporting, we’re also unveiling a host of other new features that provide marketers with deep insight, like the ability to see a snapshot of how any domain — including yours or your competitors’ — dominates or loses out in organic search, with Domain Explorer.

content activity reporting

With the release of Content Activity Reporting, we’re taking another step towards a future where the customer always comes first. On behalf of everyone at Conductor, I hope this technology makes it easier for organizations everywhere to keep pushing for a customer-first future. It’s the beginning of a huge vision we’re pursuing.

Want to see the latest features for yourself? Take a demo to find out how these features can help you attribute revenue to your efforts.

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    Content marketing is very important for get success in our business. So i think this will be so more useful guideline for us to get more tips from here. I like this service from you.

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