Today we’re excited to announce our latest global partnership: LinkResearchTools. If you’re unfamiliar, LinkResearchTools is the number one global real-time link analysis and optimization platform for websites. Go ahead and ask your most senior SEO– their eyes will get big when you mention LinkResearchTools (or “LinkDetox,” as it’s known in the states), and they’ll start to gush about the quality and depth of the data. We totally get it.

Link building and backlink strategies are key areas of opportunities for our customers, and they are extremely important for a mature SEO strategy. Since acquiring great links has gotten harder and harder, and our data didn’t go deep enough to do this right, it was time to pick the best technology to help our customers with this important facet of search.

Enter LinkResearchTools. I met the CEO and founder at LinkResearchTools’ at BrightonSEO in September of 2017, and quickly realized their approach to link building was strongly aligned to our data-centric approach.

Christoph Cemper of LinkResearchTools and Kat Heisler of Conductor at Brighton SEO

Christoph Cemper and I at BrightonSEO. Clearly I’m marveling at the glory of his signature orange suit.

Even better, when we asked our most senior SEOs from our professional services team what they thought of the technology, well, you can see their excitement below.

Christoph Cemper of LinkResearchTools with Conductor's Pro Services team.

I told you about the gushing. Stephan and Steve from our Pro Services team are all smiles with Christoph at our annual C3 conference.

Obviously we are excited about the future, but let’s take a quick step back and review the history behind the importance of link building technology. Christoph has been there through it all: “Link building and SEO in general was the wild west essentially until 2012. People could throw any kind of links to a site and make it rank. Google stopped that with smarter algorithms and a whole new era of link evaluation.”

Based on this shift, the way to approach executing an effective link building strategy is very different. Christoph explains: “Today link building is a very data-driven, big data approach that should use as much as possible data to decide. Only judging a link’s quality by a simple visual approach or “gut feeling” can be very dangerous. That’s why some people think that “SEO is dead” or say, “Links are not important.”

“Even Google confirmed repeatedly that links and content are the most important ranking factors in their algorithm still in 2016 and 2017.” -Christoph Cemper, CEO and Founder of LinkResearchTools

The integration brings this big data approach to Conductor customers, allowing them to address what’s working, what isn’t and where the opportunities and vulnerabilities lie as people discover their content across the web. The seamless combination of link research data with Conductor’s already robust offerings will enable a new standard of positive and efficient customer-first marketing.

“Customer-first marketers are obsessed with building meaningful content journeys,” said Seth Besmertnik, CEO and Founder of Conductor. “It was clear we needed to expand our data set to help our enterprise customers understand how their content is connected online.”

“The completeness and accuracy of LinkResearchTools’ data helps our customers understand this better than any solution in the market.” -Seth Besmertnik, CEO and Co-Founder of Conductor

LinkResearchTools combines 25 link data sources to give marketers the most complete picture of referring traffic, insights into toxic backlinks that can threaten performance, powering that understanding of a customer’s journey across the web.

I’m personally excited to welcome LinkResearchTools into the fold of the Conductor Partner Ecosystem. This partnership marks the fifth strategic integration for Conductor in less than two years including DeepCrawl, SEMrush, Dragon Metrics, and Keyword Objects.  

Going forward, Conductor customers will have access to exclusive LinkResearchTools packages that include all the necessary tools and reports required for robust backlink analysis and optimization. Get ready to do more with Conductor + LinkResearchTools in 2018.  

Contact us to learn more about the new features in Conductor’s SEO Platform or our partnership with LinkResearchTools.

2 Responses to Conductor Partners with LinkResearchTools to Improve Site Performance

  1. Christoph C. Cemper says:

    Excited to join the Conductor eco system and meet all the nice “Conductors” 😀
    To Our Both Client’s Success!

  2. WillHaven says:

    Great addition. Another great move that continues to set Conductor apart from the others…