We’ve updated our data for SEO jobs and salaries in 2020. See the 2021 Digital Marketing Jobs Salary Guide.

The evolution of digital marketing jobs gives us important insights into where the industry is going and what SEO and content marketers need to succeed in their digital marketing careers.

That’s why our Inbound Marketing Jobs + Salary Guide is so important: we have brand new data around an expanded list of 10 common inbound marketing titles, and a breakdown of salaries by job title across multiple locations. Check out this exclusive, must-see information for anyone working in our industry by downloading the full report:


We’ve also added brand new data and insights into the career path for SEOs and content marketers: from salaries to key skills, this is the full picture of not just what an SEO career or content marketer salary might look like, but what we can learn about the future of digital marketing jobs and careers as an industry.

Digital Marketing Careers Require Diversifying Skillsets

The trend for both content marketing and SEO careers continues to point toward less siloing and a more holistic approach to marketing. SEO salaries and job opportunities in particular are increasingly dependent on more diversified skills in content and PPC:

Skills for SEO careers

But other digital marketing careers are also being affected by the expectation that today’s modern digital marketer have strong skills in areas outside of their primary marketing wheelhouse: nearly half of all open content marketing positions, including entry-level opportunities, require a knowledge of SEO.

SEO skills for content marketing careers

 Digital Marketing Job Opportunities are Skyrocketing

As organizations continue to recognize and embrace the need for a strong organic digital marketing strategy, opportunities for SEO and content marketing jobs have exploded. For the SEO, it’s a buyer’s market, with a 43% increase in available positions year-over-year:

Increase in SEO jobs

For content marketing jobs, the future also looks rosy, with a 33% increase in positions from 2017, up to 23,846 open jobs:

Increase in content marketing jobs

Digital Marketing Job Trends Point to a Bright Future of Holistic Marketing

In the digital marketing space, we have all been talking anecdotally about the trend toward decreased siloing and the need for executive-level buy-in for organic marketing investment. Our digital marketing career data indicates that we are moving closer to that reality in 2018.

In addition to the wide array of open digital job opportunities available for content marketers and SEOs, we especially note the cross-functional skills increasingly required in digital marketing roles. Even further, we dug into the data around digital marketing career paths for SEOs and content marketers, and saw the increased prominence and salaries for higher level positions like SEO or content directors.

Organizations are listening to the data, to the insights driven by that data: they are recognizing the importance of digital marketing expertise and effort, organic traffic, and customer-first content. Our industry is ready to prove itself.

Want all of the data on current average salaries, city-by-city job trends by title, deep dives into digital marketing career paths, and more? Download the 2018 Inbound Marketing Job + Salary Guide to access Conductor’s exclusive research.

Note: We’ve updated our data for SEO jobs and salaries in 2020. See the 2021 Digital Marketing Jobs Salary Guide.

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