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From Our SEOs to Yours: Result Types

  • Product News
  • By Julia Perdue
  • 5 minutes read

Explore the Conductor SEO Platform's new Result Types feature revealing the specific type of content Google values for particular searches to bring your page to the top of Google’s first page.

Data-Driven Business Results

Universal Results are prime real estate on the Search Engine Results Page, and for good reason. These ever-evolving result types appear at the top of Google’s first page of search results, which means better visibility and bigger ROI for the businesses that snag those first key spots.

Landing those coveted universal results requires a combination of science and art—data and content—which is why we’re so excited to discuss the latest data-driven feature in Conductor's SEO Platform, complete with actionable content insights and designed to bring your page to the top of Google’s first page.

The Conductor SEO Platform's new Result Types feature reveals the specific type of content Google values for particular searches. Marketers can identify content creation opportunities for the best possible return on the SERP, from Google answer boxes to video carousels, and all the feature snippets in between. Marketers can also pivot to see ownership by result type, as well as owned results versus competitor-owned results to better understand content performance against that of the market.

Example of video result types in the SERP

All of these insights and data for getting to the top of Google are now available on one page—intuitively surfaceable and inherently actionable.

Getting Real with Result Types

At Conductor, we’re proud of our platform, and we’re even more proud of our community. We’re lucky to be part of an incredible network of industry leaders when it comes to their wins and their workflows.

We caught up with a few of these brilliant SEOs on their best practices for securing universal results, getting everyone on the team thinking about SERP features, and utilizing Conductor to achieve even greater results with Result Types.

“Knowing who owns the answer boxes, and then being able to go to that page and see that content is super helpful,” says Thomas Hansen of Emerson Climate Technologies , especially as the team zeroes in on Google answer boxes. “It'll be easy for us to understand what type of content we should be building,” he adds.

Example of an answer box aka featured snippet result types in the SERP

Result Types similarly informs the content and SEO strategy at Boulanger . “We provide the data ahead of time to the Content team to help them understand,” notes Benoit Chastellier, SEO Project Manager.

“We also work with the Omnichannel Manager and our Shop Directors to increase our local visibility, and this feature is great for all to see ownership of local packs,” adds Lemany Coulibaly, SEO Manager.

This enhancement in particular addresses the challenge we’ve heard from many marketers: we want to own answer boxes, but we don't know what Google is trying to display for it. Result Types answers that question by providing ownership and competitive insights in addition to the universal results data.

Alternatively, marketers can also view owned answer boxes as validation of a particular content strategy working. These learnings can inform whether the strategy should be replicated across more SERP features and more keywords in order to effectively multiply owned result types and, ultimately, results.

Getting Personal: SEO to SEO

Matthew Liljegren might be best known for starring in Conductor’s action(s)-packed trailer , but he’s also our very own SEO & Content Manager. We tracked Matt down to dish on all things Result Types, and we even got him to spill a few secrets about Conductor’s strategies and workflows around universal results.

“Understanding the medium with which to put out your content is invaluable and Result Types reveals the specific opportunities you should go after as an SEO, from a strategic point of view,” Matt says. “It’s the most helpful first step, showing you what kind of content to create for individual keywords and what content will likely drive organic search traffic. This gives you an instant edge over the competition.”

In addition to content creation, Result Types is Conductor’s go-to for content optimization. For example, if we see an answer box on an individual page that we rank well for, but we don’t own that answer box, we reoptimize the page in accordance with the data.

The feature extends beyond the Marketing team too, as our recruiters use the tool for the Jobs result type to see if we can better optimize our openings. From Content to Recruiting, SEO is at the center of all we do at Conductor.

“All of our content includes keyword research at the outset,” Matt continues. “Then, we create individual strategies for individual keywords, which we’re able to do with Result Types, since we see all of the elements on the SERP.”

Example of image result types in the SERP

Whether we’re working on Job results or Image results, we start with whether the content is customer-first, first and foremost. “Search is customer intelligence data. If Google shows certain universal results for a term, Google found to a statistically significant degree that customers are seeking out those specific results when searching,” Matt notes.

Result Types is a great directional tool to know the medium with which to satisfy our customers’ needs. We’re able to create content that is completely informed by the needs of our customers.”

Example of Google jobs result types in the SERP

Getting Started with Conductor's SEO Platform

As for the future of this exciting feature, it’s only going to get more granular as Google expands universal results, and as we expand our results data and insights. When it comes to helping the market (and Matt) understand the opportunities so we—as marketers—can collectively help our customers, there’s no stopping us.

Want to see our new feature in action? Come take a tour of Conductor SEO Platform with us.

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