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5 Things to Expect from Your Enterprise SEO Platform

If you follow Conductor, you know we’re customer obsessed. We put our customers first in everything we do, from how we build our software to how we service each and every client.

We’re thrilled that our customer-first mantra is making an impact on our customers— for the second year in a row, Conductor was awarded a TrustRadius Top Rated badge for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools. This award comes straight from our customers, based solely on their feedback and ratings, which makes it all the more rewarding.

We’re also a leader on the TrustRadius TrustMap for best SEO tools for enterprises (1,001+ employees). Now, you may be wondering what really sets an SEO solution for enterprises apart from one for small to midsize businesses? What does an enterprise platform bring to the table for your business?

Great questions. Let’s take a look at five capabilities you should expect from your enterprise-level SEO solution.

Conductor is the TrustRadius leader in the enterprise SEO tool space.

1. Single Sign-On (SSO)

As cybersecurity concerns grow, user credentials are a universal weak point in corporate security. The more accounts and logins employees and IT departments have to manage, the more openings emerge for hackers.

One of the ways that IT departments try to mitigate their cybersecurity risks is through Single Sign-On (SSO). SSO is a user authentication process that allows users to use one set of login credentials (e.g. name and password) to access multiple applications. SSO reduces the risk of compromised credentials.

SSO is not only more secure and a must-have for most IT teams, but it also saves employees time and effort. Employees only have to remember and manage a single login for all of their applications.  

Since September 2018, Conductor has offered SSO support to customers.

2. Role-Based Views

At large companies, many different team members can benefit from the customer and search insights inside of a platform like Conductor. With different team members in the tool, there are different levels of maturity and comfort with the technology. That means SEO platforms for enterprises need to be intuitive and accessible for all, not just accessible to an SEO whiz kid.

SEOs and content marketers represent the majority of users on the Conductor enterprise SEO platform.

Conductor offers customers Role-Based Views. Role-Based Views give each team member a “view” with access to just the most relevant features for their areas of responsibility. The views are designed to streamline workflows and remove noise, so every team member can maximize the value they get from the platform.

Because we are aware that there are different experience levels in the technology, we also invest heavily in our user experience and user interface. In fact, Conductor scored a perfect 5/5 in Forrester’s SEO Platform Wave evaluation for the User Interface and Workflow categories.

3. Custom Reporting

More people means more functionality in reporting is a necessity. Each stakeholder is looking to answer unique business questions. They will expect different answers and flexible reports to get them to those answers. Your standard reporting won’t satisfy the needs of all the stakeholders in an enterprise company.

This means an enterprise-ready tool should offer flexible, custom reporting. That’s why we created the FlexHub. Our FlexHub reporting transforms the data in Conductor to reveal new insights in the context of what matters most to your business. The reports can be tailored to your industry, role, and business challenge.

Conductor's enterprise reporting is the best in the SEO space.

FlexHub’s enterprise reporting can answer questions such as: In which city should I open my next office? What site errors are critical across all my domains? Where is my mobile presence outperforming desktop?, to name a few.

4. Global data

Enterprise reporting doesn’t just require flexibility and customization, it requires data. If the data powering your reporting isn’t accurate or comprehensive, your reporting will be just as inaccurate and limited.

At Conductor, we pride ourselves on the quality and accuracy of our data. We augment our own datasets with SEMrush and Dragon Metrics’ data to create the largest global keyword index in the market, ensuring that we can support global enterprises wherever they do business.

5. Integrations

Enterprises are complex. There are countless teams using countless tools. Each tool delivers unique value and unique data. But when those tools are siloed, it’s nearly impossible to realize their full value. The last thing you need is more tools that don’t communicate.

The walled approach to software development is a thing of the past. To serve modern enterprises, your SEO technology should integrate seamlessly with the tools you’re already using. That’s why we’ve built a robust Partner Ecosystem. Conductor integrates with leading technology partners like DeepCrawl, LinkResearchTools, and Dragon Metrics.

We also integrate with task management tools like Asana and Jira. These integrations make it easier for all stakeholders to get the right data where and when they need it.

Want to learn more about how our enterprise SEO solution can help power your marketing ROI? Get a live demo of our technology with an enterprise SEO expert!

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