We’ve launched a new, free tool for marketers – the SEO ROI Calculator For Enterprises.

Answer 7 questions, select your currency, and this calculator enables you to estimate the 3-year impact of what investing in an SEO program and technology could yield. You’ll also receive an estimate of the cost you’d incur to match the traffic increase from using paid search ads instead.

Stylized image of SEO ROI Calculator for Enterprises
Your first look at the SEO ROI Calculator for Enterprises

This is a powerful tool for demonstrating the value of search and content, developed through independent research. We’re excited to share it with you:

Why the ROI of SEO is Massive… but Challenging

It’s almost 2020, and organic search is still the number one way consumers find websites.

This finding is from Forrester, one of the world’s preeminent research and advisory firms. And yet, despite its tremendous value to organizations – typically a site’s biggest driver of qualified traffic and leads – it’s hard to determine the ROI of the organic channel.

Why? The reasons we hear most often are the sheer volume of factors that affect SEO, and fuzziness around its costs.

“Most companies say they cannot measure ROI from SEO. Often, that’s because they don’t know the true cost of their SEO efforts. That cost is difficult to measure since it is cross-functional in nature, and there is no associated media cost.”

Collin Colburn, Analyst, Forrester

Built by Forrester, Powered by Conductor Data

To help clarify the ROI of SEO, we partnered with Forrester to create our new ROI calculator.

We used Conductor’s technology and services as the foundational data for the project. While the value of SEO has proven its staying power, Forrester has found that the way companies manage the channel is changing.

Rather than outsource SEO to agencies, companies are increasingly bringing SEO in house. And to do this well, they work with an SEO platform

“A pivotal part to any enterprise company’s organic search strategy is leveraging technology to automate the process… Every company should be using an SEO platform if they are trying to get more high-quality traffic to their website.”

Collin Colburn, Analyst, Forrester

According to Forrester’s most recent enterprise SEO Wave – a rigorous comparative analysis of SEO providers – Conductor is a leader among enterprise SEO platforms. Conductor’s technology and services earned the highest score possible in 15 criteria, including workflow and process management, reporting and analytics, and user interface.

Over the course of the last year, Forrester studied the costs, benefits, and impact of an SEO program through Conductor. We wanted to enable companies to understand: when you work with a leading enterprise platform, what results can you achieve?

Key Finding: The Average ROI of an SEO Program Is 571%

After conducting their study, Forrester’s team of experts uncovered several SEO KPIs aka key areas of benefit for companies that use Conductor:

  • SEO Traffic
    • Conductor helped organizations identify and fix technical issues on their sites, along with optimize pages with better content and keywords.
    • This increased rankings and drove massive increases in website visits and leads for B2B.
  • Content Marketing Traffic
    • Conductor helped companies find the right topics to create content around, compare against competitors, evaluate local trends, and, ultimately, create better content.
  • Paid Efficiency
    • With Conductor, companies were able to make sure paid and organic search weren’t cannibalizing each other, and they increased ad efficacy by applying organic insights to paid placements.
    • Better site structure and content also increased quality scores, which decreased paid search costs.
  • Content Marketing and Digital Marketing Productivity
    • Conductor enabled companies to save time on content research, SEO strategy, data analysis, and QA testing. One company studied by Forrester said they were saving a full FTE with Conductor, and another said they were saving 40 hours per week.

These findings (which you can read about in full detail in the Total Economic Impact report) were averaged into a composite organization and applied to a risk-adjusted financial model, which powers our ROI calculators.

Yes – calculators. There are two versions of the Forrester ROI model: a lightweight one you can access on the web, and a more in-depth version you can talk through with our team if you want to refine your results with more custom elements from your business.

See How SEO’s Value Compounds over 3 Years

The ROI calculator gives you a unique view into the lifetime value of SEO. As marketers know, SEO’s value compounds and accelerates after that initial investment. The calculator can help you articulate the channel’s long-term potential:

Example of 3-year SEO value projection from SEO ROI calculator
The SEO ROI Calculator for Enterprises shows you how the value of SEO to your business compounds over 3 years

All this said, the value of SEO and Conductor goes beyond your bottom line. Some of the benefits Forrester uncovered couldn’t be easily quantified and built into a calculator – things like establishing a brand as a thought leader, keeping up with market changes, improving customer engagement, and galvanizing other teams in the org to take advantage of SEO insights. (After all, search data is customer data, and there are few better reflections of what we think and want than what we search for).

With that in mind, try the calculator out! We hope it’s a simple solution that gets marketers closer to understanding the biggest benefits of their highest potential channel.

Calculate your business’s ROI number now with the SEO ROI Calculator for Enterprises.

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