“Enterprise companies should be using this calculator to understand the value of content and SEO.”

Alex Kohreidze, Senior Digital Strategist, Conductor

You know SEO is your most valuable digital channel. We want to help you communicate that value to your company with confidence.

That’s why we commissioned leading market research firm Forrester to build the Conductor + Forrester ROI Calculator through an independent study of Conductor customers.

Forrester’s findings validate that the right organic marketing strategy makes a huge business impact, and their new ROI calculator empowers enterprise marketers to demonstrate the growth potential of SEO in real financial terms.

We sat down with two Conductor search experts, Alex Kohreidze and Andrew Jin, to dig into how to use the calculator and how to interpret your ROI number. Read on for background on the Conductor + Forrester ROI Calculator and advice and best practices directly from Alex and Andrew.

What Is the ROI Calculator?

The Conductor + Forrester ROI Calculator helps marketers and decision makers estimate the costs and benefits of investing in SEO with Conductor.

The calculator is based on a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) framework developed by leading market research firm Forrester. Forrester interviewed Conductor customers, constructed a risk-adjusted financial model for a composite customer organization, and wrote an in-depth case study.

Big picture, this ROI calculator is a valuable tool for demonstrating the ROI of organic search!

Who Is the Calculator For?

The Conductor + Forrester ROI Calculator was developed with marketers at enterprise organizations in mind:

“This calculator is definitely geared for larger enterprise teams who are able to generate upwards of 100-plus pieces of content per year. If you’re not breaking that floor, you might not be the intended audience. If you work in a smaller organization and fill out the calculator, remember that your results may be skewed.”

Andrew Jin, Senior Customer Enablement Specialist, Conductor

What Do I Need to Do to Complete the Calculator?

Interested in completing the Conductor + Forrester ROI Calculator? Great! Here’s how to make sure you’ve got everything you need beforehand:

Set aside some time.

Not too much time, though! We know you’re busy. That’s why the calculator takes only about 15-30 mins to complete.

Get your data organized.

Make sure you know where all of your data lives! It’s especially important to get access to your organization’s content and traffic analytics in Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Conductor Searchlight, or elsewhere.

Read up on the required inputs below.

The calculator requires a few different kinds of inputs that detail your organization’s business environment and SEO efforts. Don’t worry – it doesn’t ask for anything you shouldn’t be able to find.

“I think one of the strengths of the tool is that it is simple to use. There are very clear fields that marketers will be able to fill out.”

Andrew Jin, Senior Customer Enablement Specialist, Conductor

Let’s through the required inputs in greater detail:

What Information Does the Calculator Ask For?

Here’s the key information you’ll need to complete the Conductor + Forrester ROI Calculator, along with our experts’ helpful hints on how to gather it all:

What’s your organic traffic? How much content do you produce?

Like we said above, in order to evaluate your organic traffic, you’ll need access to your analytics platform, whether it’s Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics. If you’ve integrated your analytics with Conductor Searchlight (which is easy as pie), you can also find your data there.

As for your statistics on your content production, we’re specifically referring to content informed by SEO insights, not user-generated or auto-generated pages like machine-translated content.

In order to figure out how much SEO content your organization produces, reach out to your content creation teams and ask to take a look at their content or editorial calendar. You can also ask your content creators for an estimate of how often they feel they put out content.

How many visitors does paid search drive to your website? What is your CPC?

Why are we asking for paid search data when we’re trying to calculate the ROI of organic search? Because search is a holistic practice.

When you build your organic strategy in tandem with your paid strategy, you can uncover enormous cost savings. Forrester found in its study that the average Conductor customer saved over $2.3M in paid search costs by leveraging the power of organic.

If you’re not familiar with your colleagues who work on paid search, reach out to them to get help pulling your paid data – and to make some valuable new connections.

How many people work on your website and content? What is the average yearly salary for your inbound marketing employees?

More specifically, we’re looking for numbers on the members of your team who implement website and content changes or are hands-on with SEO strategy.

If you don’t have this staffing data on hand, resources like LinkedIn or Glassdoor can help you obtain a general understanding of team size and salary. You can also dive into the data in our 2019 Inbound Marketing Job + Salary Guide.

An added bonus of completing this part of the calculator: you’ll discover colleagues with responsibilities that absolutely pertain to organic health, and you can connect to collaborate moving forward.

“When I did this, it revealed people and job positions at our organization I had no idea even existed! Now, we can work more closely together.”

Andrew Jin, Senior Customer Enablement Specialist, Conductor

What Kinds of Results Will I Receive from the Calculator?

After you complete the calculator, you’ll receive a comprehensive report outlining the total benefits, total costs, ROI, and payback period that your company would see from an investment in Conductor Searchlight.

An example of the kinds of insights you’ll see in your Conductor + Forrester ROI Calculator report

Your ROI numbers are based on a risk-adjusted three-year calculation, so you can see how organic marketing with Conductor will benefit you over time.

What Can I Do with My Results?

“One of the questions that follows any pitch or proposal for investing in organic search is: ‘What will the impact be?’”

Alex Kohreidze, Senior Digital Strategist, Conductor

Your Conductor + Forrester ROI Calculator results are a powerful way to demonstrate the ROI of your SEO efforts to your leadership, especially when they ask tough questions.

This calculator gives you the clear numbers you need to show the long-term value of investing in organic. With your results in hand, you can provide ROI estimates in revenue.

Your ROI calculator results are also great for showing the growth opportunity of SEO – how investing more in this channel can help your customers and your business overall.

“I definitely encourage you to take a look at the calculator and start thinking about how SEO and content can drive ROI. Don’t shy away from building out forecasts to help sell the value.”

Andrew Jin, Senior Customer Enablement Specialist, Conductor

Conductor customers also shouldn’t shy away from comparing their calculator estimate to their actual results working with Conductor:

“If you’re a customer using the ROI calculator, and you find that what you’ve achieved with Conductor in the past is short of what is possible – take advantage of this opportunity to identify the roadblocks holding you back, leverage our team to overcome them, and unlock your true revenue potential. If you’ve been unsure of the possibilities, this can help make the growth potential clear.”

Andrew Jin, Senior Customer Enablement Specialist, Conductor

Ready to get your ROI number? Try the Conductor + Forrester ROI Calculator now!

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