What would you do with 4 labor hours back for every piece of content you publish? Would you dig deeper into your marketing strategy? Learn a new skill? Start a new project?

Leading research and advisory firm Forrester recently performed an independent study on Conductor customers and found that, with Conductor, marketers save 4 labor hours per every piece of content created.

Not only that – Forrester found that one customer in the healthcare industry saved a full employee’s hours in content research and organic marketing strategy, while another customer in the security industry reduced time spent on data analysis and QA testing by 40 hours per month.

Forrester discovered a number of ways SEO and content teams are creating process efficiencies and saving serious time with Conductor. We’ve pulled the top 6 best practices for maximizing marketing productivity, along with key metrics Forrester used to measure increases in marketing team efficiency.

Read on to learn how to help your team do more and save money.

Automate your data analysis

When it comes to SEO, the name of the game is data – and lots of it. The sheer amount of search data that your SEO team deals with day-to-day can be overwhelming, and collecting, analyzing, and reporting on all of it manually eats massive labor hours.

Forrester found that marketers can save major time and increase their productivity by automating search data analysis. According to Forrester, an SEO platform like Conductor can not only do this analysis faster, but also “with better accuracy and detail,” surfacing actionable insights so that marketers can focus on strategy and execution.

“We used to pull all our data manually using free tools, incognito windows, alternative browsers, and more. It took hours and hours and hours of manual labor to pull what Conductor can do in 30 seconds — and Conductor does it more accurately.” – Global head of digital marketing, security software

Automate your website auditing

Your SEO team can also spend a great deal of time manually testing for website issues like duplicate pages and broken redirects. This is a serious undertaking that grows exponentially in complexity as your site gets bigger and saps marketing productivity.

Forrester also found that highly productive marketing departments save time by automating this process with site auditing tools like Conductor partner DeepCrawl. These tools crawl your entire domain and flag any outstanding technical problems so that your team can dedicate their time to increasing the health of your website.

Get strategic support

Sometimes, you might not have all of the expertise you need on your team to perfect your digital marketing strategy – maybe your team needs help analyzing competitor strategies or tracking down technical site health issues – which puts a ceiling on your performance and marketing productivity.

Forrester discovered that top organic marketing leaders save time and improve their performance by working with marketing experts – like the Conductor Orchestra – team to fill expertise gaps and consult on strategy.

“It’s been very helpful to meet regularly with [Conductor’s services team]. They’ve held our hands through the process.” –AVP of content architecture and search, financial services

Know your customer

Without concrete customer insights, content creators can sometimes sink a lot of energy into guessing and debating customer demand for content topics – and then end up wasting time writing content no one will ever see because they guessed wrong.

Search insights are the secret weapon that can help you truly know your customers and eliminate these inefficiencies. Forrester found that customer search insights show content creators which content topics are truly in demand, making it easy to identify which content ideas to produce.

Give content marketers ideation tools

Some content teams rely entirely on their SEO team to perform the SEO research foundational to great content strategy. This greatly taxes SEOs and keeps them from focusing on their big picture responsibilities.

Forrester found that highly productive marketing departments streamline content ideation and creation by empowering content marketers and copywriters to do their own SEO research. This saves both content creators and SEOs time and helps both do better work.

“Conductor has shifted our content creation from me doing a lot of front-end research and having to come up with an overall strategy to our content specialists being able to come to me with the data and research on what we should create. That’s freed up my time and enabled us to create better content.” –Senior search marketing specialist, healthcare

Show your leadership the data

Content creators need to show the value of their work to organizational leadership in order to get the resources they need to succeed – but demonstrating the impact of content and building a convincing business case can be a challenge.

With content ideas backed by search data in hand, Forrester observed that content teams are able to more quickly and easily justify the value of their efforts to leadership. Access to customer and performance insights makes reporting easier, freeing up more time for your team to execute.

Metrics for measuring marketing productivity

To capture the value of improved efficiency in your marketing department when you implement these practices, try measuring the labor hours your team saves (with automation and search insights) on:

  • Data analysis
  • Technical website auditing
  • Content creation
  • Reporting

And translate those labor hours into dollars saved.

Don’t forget to also measure the increased output from marketing leaders thanks to expert strategic support.

Conductor is built to maximize marketing productivity

At Conductor, our search and content marketing solution is built to maximize your organic marketing productivity, with automated customer and performance insights from our platform and strategic support from our team of experts.

In its research on Conductor customers, Forrester calculated that SEO productivity enhancements thanks to Conductor save the average customer $203K in labor over three years, and content marketing productivity enhancements thanks to Conductor save the average customer $123K in labor over three years, with a 20% reduction in labor hours for content creation.

Want to calculate the increased productivity and ROI that Conductor could deliver to your business? Try the Conductor + Forrester SEO ROI Calculator.

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