As marketers, we know all about seasonality: we’re the ones responsible for that perfect Halloween-themed copy or the ideal Christmas campaign. But in honor of Thanksgiving 2019, we’ve decided to turn our marketing gaze inward.

We asked the marketing team here at Conductor what they’re thankful for this year: what made their jobs easier, their campaigns better, and their customers happier. From trends to tools, there was a wide range of answers. But there was one thing that came up again and again, across the team’s answers.

Before we get to all of that (after all, we have to wait until the end of the feast for dessert), let’s take a look at what the Conductor marketing team is thankful for– and how that might help your team.

Marketing trends mean you’re empowered to do better work and make a positive impact.

At the macro-level, our team was grateful for some of the current trends in marketing that have made their jobs more focused on helping our customers.

I’m thankful that companies—and search engines—are continuing to place value on high-quality, informative content. It’s fulfilling to know that your work is helping someone solve a problem, even if it’s a small problem.
-Hillary Nussbaum, Content Strategist

Creating the best possible experience for customers also means creating the best, most engaging experiences. Making UX/UI an integral part of digital marketing strategies is one of the keys to great SEO that gets results.

I’m thankful that marketers are engaging more and more with interactive content like video, games, quizzes and interactive web experiences. I like consuming that kind of content and love creating it.
-Allie Bhutani, Senior Brand Manager

One of the greatest strengths of a high-performing marketing team is the ability to work cross-functionally. Marketing in a silo means failing to understand the business as a whole, and failing to bring the unique insights marketers have access to in our various data sources to the rest of the organization. That’s why we all give thanks to our ability to reach across teams.

I’m thankful for getting the opportunity to work so cross-functionally across practically every single team at our company to drive major initiatives forward. From Sales, to Customer Support, Revenue Operations, and Learning and Development, it’s incredible to see the results come to life from so much amazing, collaborative, hard work.
-Ellie von Reyn, Senior Manager, Revenue Enablement

But marketing is not just digital– Conductor has a strong field marketing team that is focused on building community, both in digital and IRL spaces. As a team that is marketing to marketers, we’re also part of that community, which makes it feel even more personal and important to get right.

The opportunity to create community for digital marketers and bring them together through unique events and experiences.
-Gia Marando, Senior Manager, Field Marketing

The right marketing tools and support mean you work more efficiently and effectively.

To get our initiatives and plans off the ground as efficiently and effectively as possible, though, marketers need the right tools. One tool in particular has made a big difference to our SEO & Content Manager.

I am thankful for Canva. It has allowed our content team to be more agile at creating shareable content without sacrificing design.
-Matt Liljegren, SEO & Content Manager

Often the tools we use are only as helpful as the support behind them, as our Marketing Coordinator noted. The right combination of tools and support will help you shine in your role.

Enablement, support, & technology that provides data and insights to help me be impactful in my role.
-Chloe Scolari, Marketing Coordinator

But we also need support from our own organization. We’ve all faced the overwhelming battery of new tools and trainings when we start a new position, and sometimes what you need more than anything is a helping (and patient) hand from your manager.

I am thankful for my manager and the assistance she provides when dealing with task management systems. I am new in my role, and sometimes it is easy to get lost in Asana!
-James Leyden, Field Marketing Coordinator

There’s no replacement for a great marketing team to collaborate with.

Which brings us to the single biggest thing our marketers are thankful for: our team. Collaborating with creative people to get results is the only way to make great marketing.

Creating exciting content working on a marketing team that is open to exploring new ideas.
-Blake Leverence, Video Strategist

A strong team isn’t just the source of new ideas, it also serves as motivation and inspiration and makes the office somewhere you actually want to be.

An incredible team! Everyone brings so much energy, hustle and focus— it’s really inspiring to come to work everyday.
-Lindsay Boyajian, Senior Director of Marketing

Our teams also keep us learning. The best teams are full of individuals willing to share their experiences and knowledge and listen and learn in turn. The other marketers on your team are an incredible source of new perspective.

I am thankful for team collaboration! I love learning from my colleagues while having the opportunity to share my insights and expertise to create a marketing powerhouse for Conductor.
-Dana Corbett, Academy Program Director

Those new ideas are the starting point to achieve the results you’re looking for. A great team gives you the confidence and freedom to be ambitious in your marketing.

My team, their creativity, and the new heights we’ve been given the opportunity to take our marketing to this year.
-Katie Bradley, Field Marketing Manager

Maybe even more importantly, the best teams know the source of creativity is the ability to have fun with each other. Your customers will feel it when they interact with your marketing, trust us.

I am thankful for my team who is full of endless creativity, inspiration and fun.
-Amy Chen, Content Specialist

In the end, we need all of these things to do good (or even great) marketing. And we’re thankful every day for the amazing community of marketers like you that we’re a part of. Find out what your team is thankful for, and share it with us on social media!

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