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Reshaping the Future of Digital Marketing Services with Patrick Reinhart

This is an older post about Conductor’s Marketplace, which has been redesigned and enhanced with new features and updated services. Read the newest blog post here.

Introducing the all-new Marketplace by Conductor 

Marketers are the ultimate multi-taskers. Moving between meetings, whiteboarding sessions, tech platforms, and data sets, every day-in-the-life of the modern marketer is different, and time is increasingly precious. 

At Conductor, our goal is to enable marketers to do more in less time, through thoughtful strategic services, efficient and easy-to-use technology, and a best-in-class platform experience. Last year, we launched Orchestra, Conductor’s strategic services and support team with the mission of providing strategic services as a part of every Conductor subscription. With Orchestra, every customer gets access to on-demand service, a custom SEO success plan, and monthly strategic service offerings, like reports and briefs – included with their subscription. 

As we kick off 2020, we’re excited to announce another bold step, seamlessly integrating Conductor technology with the best of Orchestra in the all-new Marketplace. In Marketplace, customers can browse, request, receive and share strategic service offerings from Orchestra, directly within the Conductor Searchlight platform. 

Marketplace is a new frontier for marketing technology platforms, connecting our agile agency-style services and world-class SEO platform, creating an all-new experience reimagined to empower today’s marketing teams. Customers now have seamless access to the support and strategy they need in fewer steps, streamlining workflows and saving time.

We sat down with Patrick Reinhart, VP of Digital Strategies at Conductor to talk about how digital marketing services are evolving and how the Orchestra team and the all-new Marketplace are reshaping the landscape. 

Q. Before diving into the all-new Marketplace, let’s start with Orchestra. How did you assemble the Orchestra team? What is the team’s mission?

Just a year ago, Conductor had two distinct services teams working with our customers, our Customer Success Managers and Pro Services team. We saw great value in both, but they provided different experiences for each customer and at times, a muddled one. We took a step back and saw an opportunity to combine the expertise of both teams and create a new service model that would provide greater value to more customers. A few whiteboarding sessions later and Orchestra (coined by our founder, Seth) was born, with the mission of providing agency-style services for all customers, included as a part of a Conductor subscription.

Q. What experience do Orchestra digital marketing strategists have? 

Orchestra is a collection of talented agency defectors looking to create a disruptive service model, unified by a passion for SEO and technology. From the outside, if you compare Orchestra to an agency, you will see similarities – bright people providing exceptional strategy. But, if you look under the hood, the operating mechanics are entirely different and this is how we provide greater value. 

Q. How is the Orchestra team different from an agency?

As a tech-first services team, we are investing in rigorous automation that streamlines processes and analyses. Automation allows our strategists to step out of the weeds, spending more time developing strategy and providing recommendations and less time doing time consuming, low-value busy work. Our service model is focused on achieving outcomes and results for customers versus an hourly model based on time spent. 

Q. Where did the idea for Marketplace come from? 

When we formed Orchestra, we knew we wanted to integrate with our technology, so that customers could take action directly in the platform. This was the genesis of Marketplace – a place for customers to start new projects and accelerate their strategy.

We imagined an automated system where a user can start any project, add a description, clicks a button and out comes high-quality work tailored to their specific business. Analyses that would normally take days or weeks take hours. 

Q. How does Marketplace make SEO more accessible and actionable? 

Need a competitive analysis, content brief or page optimization? Customers can kick off a project directly in Conductor Searchlight right in Marketplace. We’re enabling them to take action on their strategy with access to offerings like reports and analyses we know are key to successful SEO. Marketplace features 50+ Orchestra offerings to choose from, from strategic project to optimizations. Customers can browse the offerings available to their subscription tier and request offerings directly in Marketplace. Just a few clicks and the request is sent to their Orchestra team. 

Q. What is the future vision of the Marketplace?

The goal of Marketplace is to drive productivity and create efficiency for customers. Today, Marketplace is a place to browse and request all the great offerings available to customers through Orchestra. Our vision for the future is to expand, adding new offerings, both from Orchestra, and beyond from our rich partner ecosystem, so that our customers can use Marketplace to kickoff any type of marketing project. 

We have a big announcement about our vision for Marketplace at our annual search marketing conference, C3. Register here to save your spot at C3 2020, May 11-13 in New York City.

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