The Covid-19 coronavirus has disrupted nearly every aspect of our society with the healthcare and economic crisis’ having far-reaching effects on the way we live. For millions of people across the globe the pandemic has brought a ton of new challenges and exacerbated existing ones as well.

With most people quarantined to their homes, consumers are turning to search engines as an invaluable tool to get the information they need to make decisions that impact their daily life, their family’s health, and how to engage with businesses. Can I defer my mortgage payment? How long will it take for my Fresh Direct delivery to arrive? When will it be safe to fly again? Now more than ever, it is important for marketers to understand and address the questions of their audience. With this in mind, we created this list of Covid-19 keyword research tips so you can identify the terms that matter most to your customers and support them through this hard time.

Bonus: At the bottom of this blog post, you will find links to thematic keyword lists you can download to help you support your customers during this time.  

Think About Your Customer Personas

Before you know how your customers might be affected, you first need to know who your customers are. Personas are the foundation of your marketing strategy. Identifying your target customers beforehand, allows you to think like they do and provides confidence that your strategies will resonate, drive engagement, and conversion. Grouping your customers into cohorts can be helpful in identifying common challenges they may be facing and how your products or services solve them. Once you understand these things you can better envision the types of keywords that matter most to them, because you understand the intent and motivations behind their searches. If you’re aware of any challenges that affected your customers before Covid-19, they may continue to be a problem or even be made worse during this period. Whatever those things may be, write them down as keyword considerations for content development.

Listen to Your Customers

Understanding how your customers may be affected by Covid-19 can be a difficult task. Not everyone may be forthcoming with this, and valuable data about their issues may not be immediately apparent. Are they being impacted economically, which has prompted their inquiry? Are their concerns more focused on the health and safety of their family? Maybe both? One way to get this data is to work with your customer support team and have them send you any lists of popular customer questions. These requests can be a good data source for keyword research.

Another way to get good question data is to gather queries happening in your websites search bar. Some customers may be experiencing very niche challenges that aren’t covered in your FAQ’s or support sections of your site. These can be remedied by creating more or updating existing content to include these new challenges. Some customers may even be searching for a product that you’ve never even sold before on your site. This could be an opportunity to order that product and begin selling it.

Use an Enterprise SEO Tool

Conductor Searchlight has many features that can help you understand keyword trends happening right now. Searchlight’s Explorer feature shows you a topics audience size, seasonality, social mentions, social engagement and generally how people talk about the topic you’re researching.

Use Google Trends

Google Trends is a free tool created by Google that allows you to see “what the world is searching for”. For a marketer, this can be a valuable tool in understanding the popularity of searches happening over a given time frame. Aside from being able to see a keywords popularity trending over time, you can also see a comparative view of multiple keywords popularity over time. Google Trends also gives you some other interesting data points like interest by region, related topics, and related queries which could all be beneficial when gathering keyword data.

Focus on Non-Covid, Non-Coronavirus Terms

Though many users are searching for information using coronavirus or covid-19 within their queries, many more are likely happening in the “non-branded” space. Searches of this kind may be groups of your customers that are feeling the economic or healthcare related impact of the pandemic. From this standpoint, it is important to recognize the value of these searches as they may be more telling about your customers’ needs during this time. Keywords like “credit card fee waiver” or “deferred payment” indicate that a user may be experiencing financial hardship and needs support. How can our business assist these customers?

If you are looking at keyword groups more broadly, are people searching more for specific groups of keywords now than in February or March? Do these queries relate to a hardship they could be experiencing or an essential product they need? This is where the bulk of your research should be focused as not all keywords containing Covid or Coronavirus will be used by your audience. Gather these head level, intent-specific, or question-based keywords and develop a content strategy for supporting your customers.

What We Did: Free Covid-19 Keyword Lists

Using our tools, we analyzed the SERP across a few industries as it relates to Coronavirus and from there tried to understand the keywords those URLs were ranking for. This then sparked further research around different topics. We also went deeper, reviewing major players in various industries to try and surface trends that are impacting their customers. We browsed through blogs, forums, new sites, support pages, FAQ’s, and even looked at The CARES ACT for more insight.

What we came out with was industry keyword lists that can be used to help you understand what your customers are searching for during the pandemic. Each list contains around 1,000-1,500 keywords that we believe to be relevant to people impacted by Covid-19.

Depending on your business, these keywords may be helpful for you to create supportive content. You can download the keyword lists on our Learning Center.

  1. Travel
  2. Real Estate
  3. Health and Wellness
  4. Shopping
  5. Finance
  6. Insurance
  7. Entertainment and Events
  8. Technology

How to Use These Lists

As more information around Covid-19 is released every day, indexes continue to update with more keyword data. For this reason, it is valuable to begin tracking any relevant keywords from the lists above each week or even tracking daily within Conductor Searchlight. In terms of keyword categories, feel free to use the base categorization we provided, or you can even create your own categories that these terms best map to. The purposes of these lists are to provide you with a baseline of keyword research, so you can start creating content today that will help your customers tomorrow.

These lists are living documents and we are revisiting them as more information is released. Feel free to use or build off them as you see fit. Download the keyword lists.

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