Since 2011, the Conductor Foundation has given grants to nonprofits to get the word out about the good work they do. Now to help businesses that are fighting to stop the spread of the disease or launching initiatives to support their communities, Conductor is expanding its grant program— offering these grants to both nonprofit and for-profit enterprises to help them boost visibility and continue supporting their communities.

What Is the Conductor Foundation?

Conductor established its foundation in 2011 to help non-profits increase their online visibility. Because these organizations are often supported by grants and community donations, they don’t have much budget left over for online marketing. The Conductor Foundation grant gives these important organizations free use of Conductor’s technology and SEO services. 

The program has expanded in the nine years since its launch. To date, the Conductor Foundation has given grants to dozens of well-known non-profits including Planned Parenthood, Habitat for Humanity and the 9/11 Foundation. And the Conductor team goes the extra mile for its grant recipients — like when the Foundation team swung hammers to help Habitat for Humanity build houses in Queens, New York.

According to research done by Conductor, only 26% of non-profits rate their webpages as effective either in raising their profile or in fundraising. On the other hand, 77% of non-profits say they received at least one online gift last year. If the 74% of businesses that are dissatisfied with their web presence improved their web presence, they could see a large increase in donations. 

Is a Conductor Covid-19 Relief Grant Right for Your Business?

Many businesses are stepping up and offering products, services, and support to help their communities in this time of need. Conductor wants to help these businesses by offering them six months of Conductor for free.

With Conductor’s technology and services, you can discover high-interest content topics, uncover technical site issues, optimize your website for the best possible performance, and measure the impact of your organic marketing.

Is the Conductor COVID-19 Relief Grant right for your business? To be eligible, businesses must:

  • Support COVID-19 Relief: For profit or non-profit organizations fighting to stop the spread of the disease or launching initiatives that support relief efforts for their communities.
  • Have Resources for SEO: We want every grant recipient to be successful with our solution, which also means having the resources to optimize and create new content, and the ability to edit parts of your website.
  • Have Leadership Support: Desire from your leadership to participate in and support your SEO & content marketing initiatives.

We’re All in This Together

Extraordinary efforts in the short run will lead to extraordinary gains in the long run. Conductor can make a difference in how we weather this storm. And be assured that it will pass. Apply for the Conductor Foundation’s COVID-19 Relief Grant today. Applications close on June 5, 2020.

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