Until recently there was a real stigma around being laid off, but like a lot of things in our post-pandemic lives (and as Bob Dylan told us), “the times, they are a changin.”  

If you go to your Linkedin feed these days, you can’t avoid seeing “badges of honor.”  I’m not talking about certifications or accomplishments just the opposite. People are taking the time to salute and admire the company, that by no fault of their own, just furloughed or let them go. They are giving a shout-out for the good times they had, the relationships they built, and the things they accomplished. Their time at one company might be ending, but they are looking forward to their next adventure. At Conductor we call that “100-Year Journey.”    

Careers are long. They’re a journey. You will work at a number of different organizations throughout your career, and at each one, you will evolve and grow in different ways.

The one thing I personally take away from these posts and stories is that there are now a ton of highly qualified — and even more important — high-integrity people that have just hit the job market. 

Conductor believes that a great company has a positive impact on the world, and on the people who build it. We wouldn’t be adhering to our mission if we didn’t try to support our family of digital and search marketers in their time of need.  

According to Linkedin’s job board, we have seen across the US, there have been 304 SEO related jobs posted in the last 24 Hours!  2,663 in the last week! And 7,120 in the last month!  And that is just SEO roles — what about digital marketing jobs? 

With that in mind here are some resources that we have put in place to help you get your next SEO or digital marketing position.  

  • Conductor Covid-19-Resource-Hub: Keep up-to-date with all the latest trends, data and other general information on how the search market has recently changed. Here are a few examples of resources that should help you ace your interview:
    • Industry Keyword Lists: Understand what customers are searching for during the pandemic. Each list contains around 1,000-1,500 keywords that we believe to be relevant to people impacted by Covid-19.
    • Industry Impact Analysis: Using Google search activity in the U.S., across hundreds of thousands of search queries, this analysis uses search volume as a proxy for consumer demand to illustrate the impact of the crisis on consumer preferences from week to week.
    • Monthly SEO Webinar Series: Join our VP of Digital Strategies, Pat Reinhart, as he hosts 30|30 to break down updates in search, technical SEO, and content marketing in the last 30 days – all in 30 minutes.
  • C3 Virtual Conference: This year, our annual SEO and content marketing conference went digital. Watch the replay here to catch up on: 
    • Keynote on the State of Digital Marketing from Conductor Founder & CEO Seth Besmertnik.
    • Customer stories across multiple industries including Healthcare, B2B Technology, Retail, Manufacturing and Services.
    • Tips & Tricks for Search from digital leaders including Rand Fishkin, Lily Ray, and Duane Forrester.
  • Conductor Academy: Free SEO training courses, taught by search marketing experts, to teach you the SEO basics. Some examples include:
    • Synergize Paid and Organic Search: Use these simple, practical criteria to figure out when to invest in paid vs. organic search for the best ROI.
    • Jump to the Top of the SERP with Universal Result Types: Follow these steps to create content that competes for those all-important universal result types.
    • How to Perfectly Optimize A Page: Follow this 9-rule checklist early and often to perfectly optimize your web pages.

Our hearts go out to anyone both in our community and outside it that have been affected by this pandemic. Before we part ways for today, let me leave you with some excerpts about your “100-year journey” from Conductor’s Culture Book.   

“Conductor and hopefully other people-first companies want to live in a world where several billion people who go to work every day come home smarter, better and happier.

“People that are committed to growing are powerful.… You are free to manifest growth professionally. You can blaze your own trail. If you see a problem, solve it; if you need a new skill, we’ll help you learn it…

“Take charge of your career (and the rest of your incredible life)… Your future is unwritten — the best days lie ahead.”  

We sincerely hope that these resources will help uplift digital and search professionals to learn something new, grow their skillset and eventually find the next stop on your “100-year journey.” 

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