Agility is the currency of success in organic marketing. The speed at which you can create content, implement technical changes, and optimize content has a direct impact on the traffic, conversions and revenues that stakeholders value most. The more time it takes to achieve these goals, the more potential leads become lost revenue opportunities, so you need to be able to do everything well … and do it fast.

Already, 90% of industry leaders execute organic marketing in-house, and others are following suit. As organizations build and develop these internal teams, they rely on enterprise SEO platforms that unleash the full potential of their internal marketing teams to make them faster and more effective with tools, workflows, and integration that enable them to execute more quickly than an external agency. These platforms allow for the agility to succeed with organic marketing and have an impact on revenue that is directly attributable to marketing efforts. An enterprise SEO platform enables your organization to execute successful organic marketing programs across these six pillars.

1. Customer-First Strategy

A customer-first strategy is the driving force for the best organic marketing by incorporating the customer voice into all your digital content. To create this customer-first strategy at scale, you need to understand what your customers need and want and how to create the right content for them so that you can deliver the most effective campaigns.

An enterprise SEO platform supports a customer-first strategy with on-demand customer intelligence. It allows you to identify the most relevant topics for your target audience by integrating search volume, audience sentiment, demographic insights and competitive data in one central location. With a deep understanding of the customer voice, you can design a strategy that turns prospects into customers and drives results across channels.

A true enterprise platform goes even further: it analyzes all the components of successful content: customer voice, on-page factors, and what competitors write about the same topic. It then uses this information to make recommendations on what to write and even how to write it.

2. SEO Workflow

Agility is the currency of success in organic marketing. The speed with which you can create content, implement technical changes, and make optimizations directly impacts traffic, conversions and revenue – the business metrics that your stakeholders value most.

Organic marketing is not like other marketing practices that can function in a silo, it requires coordination between teams that touch your digital assets, anyone who creates content or optimizes pages.

If your SEO team is not in-house, a simple page optimization could take weeks bouncing across your agency and various internal stakeholders. There is no singular resource to shepherd optimization over the finish line. When you bring SEO processes in house, whether in the form of an SEO expert or team, the SEO workflow, which took weeks to execute, now takes days because it’s quarterbacked from within your organization. As a result, more and more brands are moving SEO in-house. As a marketer, you cannot expect an outside resource to shepherd the SEO process across your internal teams. You need someone in your organization who knows your customers, website, brand and your various stakeholders to own the process and move projects across the finish line.

3. SEO Reporting

The success of your organic marketing depends heavily on teams with immediate access to SEO reporting. This is challenging when you have multiple business units, product lines and locations with their own individual teams and goals.

Without an enterprise reporting platform, you can have marketers sift through data for days to determine how content is performing on your website, social media, YouTube, product review sites, and more. Putting together performance data alone can be tedious, and even then you can wind up with a stack of different reports to slice and dice into usable insights. It’s exhausting and time-consuming.

What you need is enterprise reporting that integrates these things together to track the visibility of all your digital content, no matter where it lives online – from web pages and social media profiles to earned media and third-party sellers and review sites. With an enterprise reporting platform, your team can easily tailor reports to a specific industry, role, or business challenge to reveal new insights in the context of what matters most to your business. This new game plan means that they can spend less time tracking down data and more time understanding and implementing the insights they quickly gain from this data.

4. System Integrations

Integration is the magic word that makes an enterprise SEO platform so powerful. Every team across the organization uses their favorite tools to do important tasks – from project management apps to website analytics to crawling tools. These siloed tools may bog down your workflow, but they offer important benefits to every single team that uses them. And these teams will not be willing to embrace any new technology that takes away these tools.

The best enterprise solutions bring them together into a single system that makes them exponentially more valuable. It maximizes the impact of the tools you already use by enabling you to work together in a single, powerful platform that streamlines your workflow.

It is a single source of truth that pulls their value together and shares the same relevant data with everyone who needs it. Each user receives a personalized and relevant experience with the reports and insights that matter most to them. In Conductor, role-based views make data available to users and stakeholders with various skills and priorities.

Now you have the whole organization working from the same playbook.

5. Cross-Functional Team Support

SEO is a team sport that demands diverse, skilled players to work together and share reliable data. Web, content and SEO teams – really, everyone who touches your website – must work together efficiently and effectively.

The SEO platform you choose must straddle the line, easily delivering useful information both to advanced SEO users and beginners with pockets of deep sophistication. If it doesn’t, the information remains siloed and can’t be shared widely across larger teams.

By empowering all cross-functional team members to work together within a unified platform, teams have on-demand access to the information they need to make real-time decisions, and can share and access information just as quickly.

6. SEO Services & Support

Workloads can fluctuate, so even with SEO quarterbacked within your organization there will be times that you need to expand your bandwidth with outsourced SEO services. An enterprise platform allows you to ramp up or down these services for changing projects and organic marketing campaigns.

An enterprise SEO platform offers important advantages when it comes to managing SEO projects.

Sometimes it is useful to tap into expertise outside of your internal team, and you can do so within some enterprise SEO platforms. Conductor’s services can help you with audits or keyword searches, for example, while allowing your quarterback to continue to drive initiatives internally in-house.

In fact, this type of complementary support is a crucial advantage of a best-in-class enterprise SEO platform, because it allows you to bring the SEO function in house with the flexibility to tap external resources when needed.

Conductor is the only enterprise SEO platform to deliver across all six pillars that support companies that are bringing SEO back inside their organizations, and puts the tools and power in your hands to do organic marketing like no other.

For this reason, Conductor came out on top in the Forrester Wave report for SEO platforms and received the highest score of any vendor in the current offering category. It’s no surprise that Conductor is rated number one by customers on both G2 and Trustradius. With it, you can unleash the power of every stakeholder from the creative content marketer to the technical SEO.

Get started with Conductor today.

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