As we ring in the new year, we find ourselves a little older and a lot wiser. With customers spending more and more time online, the marketing landscape has gone through its own set of changes. Brands are prioritizing organic marketing more than ever before, with nearly two thirds of marketers saying SEO was more important this year.

To build and scale a great organic marketing program, you need a platform that uncovers customer-first opportunities, unlocks collaboration across teams, enables implementation at scale, and drives enterprise reporting.

At Conductor, our goal is to be at the forefront of organic marketing. In 2020, we’ve driven product innovation at a record breaking pace, releasing new features and enhancements every single week. That’s 52 product releases in 52 weeks. Check out some of the highlights.

Discover High Value Opportunities 

Great ideas start with great insight about your customers: who they are, what they need, and how they’re searching online. 

Enhanced Intelligence in Explorer 

We enhanced our keyword research solution, Explorer, with the most diverse data available, so you can uncover the most powerful content opportunities. From social signals, to audience demographics, to topic sentiment, to intent from search engines around the globe, Explorer continues to expand the boundaries of keyword and topic discovery.

Content Guidance

We’ve taken the guesswork out of content creation with the release of Content Guidance. Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine works behind the scenes of your workflow, analyzing tens-of-thousands of content variables and best-practices, to serve on-demand recommendations for creating winning content that gets found.

Content Guidance Product Screen

That’s Not All: Many more Explorer enhancements include Result Type Intelligence, new Personalized & Shareable filters, and even intent from international search engines, like Naver.

Take Action with Speed & Scale 

Successful SEO is about agile, micro-actions. High-growth teams execute on site optimizations ten times faster. And, when it comes to creating new content, they’re able to publish four times faster. 

Conductor Live

Conductor Live is our new solution to make every element of organic marketing activation faster. Time is of the essence. With Live, you can instantly push real-time changes and content updates to your website in just one-click, directly from Conductor. Live works seamlessly with every Content Management System, so you can get started in no time.

Conductor Live Product Screen


We’ve seamlessly integrated Conductor technology with the best services in the industry in Marketplace. Unlock new bandwidth to execute projects with flexibility and kickoff new campaigns with ease – from content creation, to technical SEO, to supporting your analytics – all from within Conductor’s platform.

Marketplace Product Screen

That’s Not All: We’ve also supercharged Conductor Actions so you can take action anywhere within the platform and push assignments out to even more platforms, like Google Docs and Workfront, in addition to Jira, Asana and Trello.

Empower Enterprise Team Collaboration

Organic marketing is a team sport that requires diverse, skilled players. To bring them together, you need Conductor.

Conductor for Google Chrome 

Our Chrome Extension makes your entire team’s SEO workflow as frictionless as possible. With Conductor for Chrome, your teams can leverage powerful search insights and competitive intelligence to make instant website optimizations right from within your browser. Health Check helps uncover what’s driving success or creating obstacles, such as page issues, and you can access in-line, embedded keyword research from Explorer right from the browser extension.

Health Check Product Screen

That’s Not All: We’ve leveled up Workspaces with an all-new outline mode to make customization more flexible and save you time, as well as the ability to tag favorite Workspaces for quicker access and seamless sharing.

Expand Visibility in an Evolving Market

Customer behavior is rapidly evolving. Using non-traditional search engines is becoming just as ubiquitous as daily Google search, and search content goes far beyond just a website to YouTube videos, social posts, press coverage, and so much more.

Digital Presence Tracking

We’ve introduced Digital Presence tracking, so you can better understand the holistic value of your content and marketing assets across your entire digital ecosystem, all from within Conductor. This means tracking the visibility of all content, whether your domain or your Youtube, and measuring performance by each web property or as a holistic group.

Digital Presence Product Screen

Amazon Tracking

With more than half of all product searches now happening on Amazon, we expanded our view with Amazon Tracking. You can track how your content ranks on the Amazon search results in addition to tracking the visibility of your Amazon product listing on the Google SERP (and other search engines) for a comprehensive view of non-traditional content on traditional search engines.

Amazon Rank Tracking Product Screen

That’s Not All: You can measure and report on even more with Personalized and Shareable Filters on Keyword Performance, Location Visibility Comparisons, Daily Tracking for Result Types, and All-New Page Insights.

Kicking off 2021

As we look ahead to 2021, we’re just getting started. Our New Year’s resolution is always the same: continually evolve Conductor at a customer-first pace.

Want to see our 2020 features in action? Reach out to the Conductor team for a live demo.

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