After 2020 transformed the job market, SEOs and teams are navigating an uncharted hiring landscape:

  • How much should I earn — or pay?
  • What SEO skills do I need to get hired?
  • What’s impacting hiring and salaries?
  • What are the next steps in my SEO career path?

Our 2021 SEO Salary & Job Trends Guide provides SEOs and marketing teams the detailed salary data, industry trends and top in-demand skills to grasp the current climate and make their next moves.

We analyzed SEO job openings, salaries, career paths and skill sets across a range of positions. Our guide breaks down the SEO salary ranges by job title, which industries are hiring right now and the essential skills needed to get employed.

No matter how you slice the data, it’s clear: Despite the economic slowdown, businesses are employing SEOs.

As movement-restricted consumers went online, brands had to move their business online to meet customers’ changing needs. Because SEO skills were crucial to the continuity of these businesses, the demand for in-house SEO professionals is growing.

To access all the data, get the full report now.

Otherwise, read on for highlights:

Our research shows an 8% increase in SEO jobs in 2020 and nearly doubling since 2018: 

Total SEO Job Openings 2018 to 2020

Total SEO Job Openings in 2020

With more and more brands going fully virtual, we predict this trend will continue and grow into 2021.  

How Much Should I Earn -– Or Pay? 

With higher demand for SEO skills and increased competition among qualified candidates, we analyzed how salaries for key roles changed in 2020.

We found that the average U.S. SEO salary increased since 2019.

Average Salary of Key SEO Job Titles in 2019 vs 2020

Wondering how the transition to remote work has impacted salaries? We also reveal the salary ranges of these titles in the top 10 cities to find SEO jobs — plus, which cities have a better job market in 2021. You’ll find all salary ranges when you download the full report.

What Skills Do You Need for SEO?

SEO skills aren’t just in demand among SEOs. Our analysis found significant overlap of SEO skills into a range of digital marketing specialties.

In particular, the skill sets for SEO, PPC and Content Marketing jobs are increasingly converging as teams become integrated:

We analyzed hundreds of skills across digital marketing job profiles in a range of job titles. 

SEO Content PPC Digital Marketing Skills Overlap

The data shows:

  • 65% of SEO jobs require content skills 
  • 51% of Content jobs require SEO skills
  • 45% of PPC jobs require PPC skills
  • 33% of SEO jobs require PPC skills

This pattern emerged, regardless of industry or seniority level. In fact, as digital marketers rose in the ranks to more senior positions, the convergence increased. 

In the guide, we outline the specific SEO skills necessary to succeed from entry-level to managerial to leadership roles. Find your position in one of four career paths across SEO, Content Marketing, PPC or Digital Marketing.

In 2021, don’t just advance your digital marketing career –– future-proof it with SEO skills. Marketing teams are investing in their businesses by hiring the top SEO talent.

The unprecedented climate of 2020 sets the stage for larger trends in 2021. SEO and digital marketing world will continue to pivot to meet changing needs.

See all of our predictions for 2021 when you download the full guide.

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