After releasing our US Salary Guide, we are really excited to release the equivalent report for the UK digital marketing space. 

Last year brought extraordinary changes to the global economy, as entire industries pivoted and the workforce adapted to a changing landscape. The unprecedented climate of 2020 sets the stage for larger trends in 2021. 

As a result, a lot of unanswered questions arise: How much should my salary be? What SEO skills do I need to get hired/promoted? What is my path to seniority? Are content skills important for SEO jobs and vice versa?

Our UK Digital Marketing guide answers all these questions and provides digital marketing practitioners with the necessary information to tackle hiring and job hunting in a transformative job market.

We examined SEO salary data by job title, skills, career paths and more, and we discovered what we expected. Despite the economic downturn, budget cuts and layoffs, the SEO job market has grown dramatically over the last year. 

With many businesses and organisations shifting their attention online to cope with the unprecedented pandemic conditions, SEO has been key in helping businesses transform their marketing to improve people’s lives and meet their needs. For that reason, demand for in-house SEO professionals in the UK has massively increased.

You can download the full interactive UK Salary Guide report here. If you just want a snippet of what we discovered, keep reading below.

Specifically, we have seen an astounding increase in SEO job openings by 13% from 2019 to 2020.

Increase in SEO job openings in 2020

Because brands are valuing organic and SEO more highly, businesses continue to invest in SEO and bring SEO in-house. One way to see this investment is through job market growth and salary growth.

Salary Data by Job Title

Increased demand for SEO jobs and skills has consequently brought more competition in the job market. We discovered that the average UK SEO salary increased in 2020.

Salary data based on SEO job title

Want to find out more about these salaries by SEO job title? Download the full UK report here. Additionally, we provide salary ranges of these 4 SEO job titles in the top 10 UK cities. Find out which cities have the best opportunities.

The SEO Skill Set is Evolving

SEO is not a discipline one team member does in a vacuum. SEO lives across an organization: everyone has to be a little SEO. As silos are removed internally by marketing teams, SEO skills are becoming more and more relevant to other sub marketing teams. The trifecta of SEO, content and web are all needed to be successful in SEO.

Venn diagram of SEO, Content, and PPC skills

Our UK guide outlines four career paths in SEO, content marketing, PPC and digital marketing. Check out the career paths and skills needed to adopt and progress your career. 

With increasing investment and trust in SEO, SEO skills are now valued more than ever. In the guide you’ll be able to cherry pick the specific SEO skills depending on the career path you’re following. 

Make sure that you future proof your digital marketing career in 2021 and adapt in the changing digital marketing landscape. 

Download the full UK guide to check all insights and predictions for 2021.

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