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Conductor & Acquia Announce Strategic Partnership

The partnership will focus on integrating AI SEO intelligence from Conductor’s leading organic marketing platform within Acquia’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and Drupal CMS.

Change happens fast. This year, Generative AI was introduced to the world and disrupted many aspects of marketing, raising the bar for SEO and content marketing teams. While change can be challenging, it often unlocks opportunities to grow, evolve, and create exponential value.

At Conductor, our goal is to continuously innovate and provide the best solutions to customers ahead of the pace of change. Today, we’re excited to announce a new strategic partnership between Conductor and Acquia, the leader in digital experience technology.

With this new partnership, AI-powered SEO intelligence from Conductor’s organic marketing platform will be integrated within Acquia’s Open Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to help brands maximize the traffic-driving potential of their website in the place where they create and optimize digital experiences. Read on to learn more about this groundbreaking partnership.

Acquia + Conductor = A powerful combination for content teams

Content teams have a lot on their plate. From keyword research, to copywriting, to implementation on the website, the content workflow spans many tools and leverages a diverse set of insights. Plan, write, execute—repeat.

As a marketer, you're always striving to ensure your content is optimized to show up at the top of the search results, drive the most traffic, and convert. Developing strong content requires leveraging SEO insights and content intelligence, while publishing and managing that content depends on access to a robust content management system (CMS). This has always meant jumping from one platform to another to get the right data, building a cohesive strategy, and then implementing it.

Our strategic partnership with Acquia aims to empower content teams with a unified workflow across SEO and content management by bringing AI-powered content recommendations from Conductor directly into Acquia’s Open DXP. Coming in 2024, marketers will have the SEO insights they need to ensure their content gets found in search engines and create, optimize, and manage content all from one central technology in an end-to-end workflow.

With this partnership, we're enabling enterprise marketing teams with AI-powered SEO insights directly in the place where they create and manage digital experiences to help them capitalize on search opportunities and maximize the value of their digital content.

Wei Zheng, Chief Product Officer, Conductor

Powered by the same data and intelligence behind our most-loved features like Content Guidance and Writing Assistant, the integration will bring powerful keyword insights, audience insight, and competitive benchmarks into Acquia and help marketers build, manage, and execute high-performing digital experiences.

Stay updated on Conductor and Acquia's partnership and make sure your team can be one of the first to see this new integration when it goes live.

Why Acquia?

As the world’s only Open Digital Experience Platform (DXP), Acquia continues to lead the market with the most comprehensive solution for digital experience optimization. At Conductor, we’re excited to be a driving force behind bringing this vision to life for enterprise marketing teams around the globe.

Acquia is an inspiring company that has a long history of delivering incredible results for their customers. We look forward to collaborating with their team to redefine how our products help brands deliver exceptional customer-first experiences.

Seth Besmertnik, CEO and Co-Founder, Conductor

Conductor’s partnership with Acquia marks another milestone in our journey to continue delivering best-of-breed solutions for our customers. In 2022, Conductor acquired the only real-time website monitoring solution, ContentKing, and earlier this year, we acquired one of our largest competitors, Searchmetrics, to expand our industry-leading R&D organization and set a new bar in our industry.

Our strategic partnership with Acquia continues to accelerate our mission of empowering brands to create marketing that helps people and provides the absolute best solutions to customers.

Maximize the potential of your website with Conductor and Acquia

We’re excited to embark on this journey with Acquia as we help businesses create meaningful digital experiences that captivate audiences and drive results. Sign up for updates as we bring this integration to joint customers in the coming months.

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