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From SEO Milestones to Business Success Metrics with Adobe Omniture

We're excited to announce our new partnership with Adobe Omniture, to provide the highest quality metrics and data to our customers.

2011 is well on its way to being the greatest year in Conductor history. We announced our 100th customer, committed our exclusive focus to SEO software, were recognized by Forrester who wrote their first report on the SEO automation category and today we revealed a major evolution and milestone for the online marketing industry—the SEO Cloud—and the only official SEO integration with Adobe Omniture.

Our partnership/integration with Adobe Omniture has been long in the making. Our engineers first broke ground over six months ago and it’s been an amazing journey working with Adobe Engineers to make this integration possible.

Since the inception of Conductor, we have always wanted to integrate our platform with Omniture’s. We understand that we provide meaningful SEO funnel metrics leading up to your most important SEO milestone—rankings. However, top rankings are not a success metric in online marketing—traffic, conversations and revenue are the only real success metrics. In order to fully deliver on real SEO visibility and measurement – this integration was essential.

holistic marketing funnel with conductor providing seo success metrics and adobe providing later stage success metrics

We have seen other companies claim to do integrations with Omniture that turned out to be unsupported and quite manual for customers. We wanted to solve this problem for customers the Conductor Way. We committed ourselves to deliver a meaningful, secure and scalable integration with Adobe SiteCatalyst that provides deep and on-going value; one with minimal work and robust predictable value—in a turnkey fashion that customers could access with no hassles.

So we broke new ground and started to work with the Adobe Genesis team to build the first supported SEO integration with Adobe products. We worked through many challenges of aligning web analytics data with keyword based SEO data—and after 100s of hours of development, created a simple and elegant solution.

We started this integration with a single goal of closing the loop on SEO efforts; over time, it evolved into something much more significant—a real partnership—and the birth of the SEO Cloud™. In learning more about the Adobe Online Marketing Suite, we became familiar with their market leading paid search management platform , SearchCenter+. After spending time with their product team, we learned that Conductor has access to valuable data that could make a meaningful impact on SearchCenter+ customers. We could make it possible to manage, scale and optimize paid search campaigns in a way never done before—by leveraging position information on major search engines. With over a billion dollars in managed paid search revenue, it was no easy feat for Conductor's SEO Platform to supply enough data to support their customers. This led our engineering team to develop the first version of the SEO Cloud – our product for enabling other marketing platforms with SEO data—at scale.

This week, Adobe announced that Adobe SearchCenter+ customers will have fully integrated access to Conductor Metrics inside of SearchCenter+. For customers using both SearchCenter+ and Conductor's SEO Platform—their experience is even more enhanced. This is truly the first time two search platforms have worked so closely together – and we are thrilled to be working with Adobe as our first SEO Cloud partner.

We are looking forward to sharing more about this solution and partnership at the Adobe Omniture Summit next week in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you are going to be there, send your Customer Success Manager a note—I would love to meet you.

On behalf of all of Conductor, I want to give a big public thank you to the incredible engineering, product and partner teams at Adobe—you guys have been fantastic and we look forward to many more great accomplishments together.

The year is just getting started and we look forward to more partnerships, more product and more announcements throughout the year.

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