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Stay One Step Ahead of the SEO Curve with Conductor

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  • By Will Potts
  • 5 minutes read

Stay ahead of the changing SEO landscape with the latest features in Conductor, including the new GA4 integration, “sticky” filters, and more.

If there is one thing you can count on in SEO, it’s the constant state of change. With sometimes daily algorithm updates from Google, ever-changing user behavior, the rise of TikTok and social search, and disruptive tech innovations that upend go-to processes (looking at you, ChatGPT), today’s marketers are tasked with the impossible: constantly reassessing strategies to maximize impact. If Friends taught us anything, it’s the difficulty of a pivot, yet marketers have to do this daily—if not hourly.

That’s where Conductor comes in. This month’s feature releases in our Enterprise SEO Platform are all about helping you shift and sharpen your digital marketing strategy to stay ahead of the latest updates and disruptions. Make a seamless transition and get up to speed on Google Analytics 4 (GA4) with our new integration, access insights faster in fewer clicks with “sticky” filters, and keep your team laser-focused on the right data with new SEO services in our Marketplace. Check out the newest capabilities in Conductor that will set you up for success in the next evolution of the SEO landscape.

Advance your SEO performance measurement with Conductor’s GA4 integration

The July 1st sunset date for Universal Analytics (UA) will be here before you know it. But that’s not the only reason to get a head start in adapting GA4 as your new measurement standard. Benefit from a more accurate understanding of website performance and ROI and identify key opportunities faster in GA4 thanks to advanced data features, holistic customer behavior measurement, and new event-based tracking methods. Now, you can bring all of this improved data into Conductor with our new GA4 integration.

Conductor’s Page Details report with an available drop-down filter to select Web Analytics Type. Selection options shown include GA4, UA, and Adobe analytics profiles.

The best part? You don’t have to say goodbye to your historical UA data. Conductor stores your historical performance data previously ingested in the platform—without a time limit (unlike Google, which will disable access to all UA data after January 2024). Easily access critical context on how past campaigns and releases impacted channel results whenever you need it in Conductor.

Take a deep breath and make the switch at your own pace. While getting your GA4 property set up as early as possible is crucial, many marketers are understandably hesitant to start using GA4 as their primary analytics source while still figuring out the new changes. Conductor supports multiple analytics integrations for any domain and rank source, giving you access to GA4 and UA metrics simultaneously. Start getting familiar with added flexibility by comparing and contrasting the differences between GA4 and UA metrics within Conductor to better align your strategy to GA4’s new reporting style. Let our platform help support a seamless transition, so you’ll be firing on all cylinders by July 1st.

Feeling overwhelmed by the move? Conductor’s long-standing and trusted partner, MoreVisibility , provides expert Google Analytics migration support to ensure the right GA4 setup for your needs. Get strategy guidance, GA4 property and dashboard setup, training, and more so your team is ready to make the most of the next generation of analytics.

Update your keywords and pages with new account refresh services

You may have already given up on other New Year’s resolutions, but if refreshing your Conductor account was one of them, we’re making it easier than ever to revamp your key reporting configurations to align with your latest priorities. Conductor’s Marketplace is the one-stop shop where customers can request the SEO services they don’t have the bandwidth to tackle, right from within the platform. This month, we’re adding an entire category of new services that make sure your SEO reporting is set up to drive the most significant impact in 2023.

Brief summaries of the four services included in the Account Configuration Services category in Conductor's Marketplace.

Our newest category of Marketplace services, Account Configuration Services, helps you refresh your tracked keyword set, clean keywords that are no longer reporting priorities, add new keywords that reflect your latest business initiatives, and align your keyword and page groupings to any specs you have in mind. Get the exact level of service your team needs with several different refresh packages available, at varying Marketplace credit costs. Let our experts eliminate the clutter and bring your account up to date so you can ensure you and your team stay focused on the right insights.

See the insights you need in fewer clicks with “sticky” filters

But wait—there’s more! Conductor now saves your top-level filter selections as you navigate between different reports, so you can get valuable insights, faster.

Conductor’s Keywords report with filters available for Locations, Keyword Groups, and other options. A drop-down is displayed with a list of cities, and desktop, smartphone, and device icons are shown next to each city name.

That's not all. These new “sticky” filters help you pick up right where you left off in your last session. Make your filter selections once, and Conductor will save that context and apply it to your next session. For example, you now only have to select your location and device type once, and then you can trust they will be there every time you access your report. Faster insights, fewer clicks.

The SEO landscape is changing; keep up with Conductor

Don’t become the Ross Geller of your team by dictating blind pivots to keep up with the rapid state of change in search. Help your team make more informed decisions with comprehensive analytics data, a fresh account setup in Conductor, and productivity enhancements so you can focus on moving the needle where it matters.

Want to see more of this month’s releases in action? Check out the April Release video below.

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