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Optimize Your Way to Better Content: Conductor’s Latest Features

  • Product News
  • By Nobuki Fujioka
  • 4 minutes read

Get the winning recipe for content that ranks with the shareable, AI-powered recommendations in Content Guidance. And benefit from expanded keyword research results, increased visibility on keyword reporting, and much more.

Creating optimized content that ranks in search and connects with the right targeted audience is a significant challenge for today’s marketers. There are a variety of on-page and technical SEO factors to consider and prioritize, along with the initial, often intensive keyword research stage.

Without access to the right insights and an understanding of which SEO elements to prioritize, you risk investing key resources into creating content that may secure some top positions on SERPs, but likely for keywords your target audience doesn’t use—meaning that content won’t get seen by the right people. Understanding your customer’s voice, their core problems, and how you can help them by creating value-driven content must be the first steps in any optimized content creation process. Access these insights via AI-powered recommendations in Conductor’s Content Guidance, with all the ingredients you need to build better content that connects (and ranks).

Along with improving your content creation process, upgrade your keyword research workflow with expanded results, increase visibility on keyword reporting, and boost efficiency when building custom reports with the latest platform enhancements this August. Find out how to create content that drives results and make the most of the Conductor platform.

Optimize your content with expanded on-demand recommendations in Content Guidance

Eliminate the guesswork when it comes to content creation with AI-powered recommendations in Content Guidance. Access all the ingredients you need to build content that ranks with data-driven insights on everything from top questions to answer to core keywords to include in the meta, H1, H2, schema markup, and more. Consider it your secret sauce for creating optimized, value-focused content—now with expanded functionality.

Boost efficiency in your workflow and build content faster with exportable content insights

Save time and create insight-rich content briefs in minutes. Simply click ‘Download’ in Content Guidance to export a Word doc that provides the full picture to your content team. Now, content team members or stakeholders can do a deep dive on the strategy behind any piece of content. Start building better content today.

Unlock the winning recipe to secure People Also Ask result types

Think you know your audience? Discover the top questions your audience is asking so you can create content your audience will actually find with Question Insights. Consider this your winning recipe for securing the highly coveted People Also Ask result types.

Drive impact by getting the most out of small but mighty feature enhancements

Small changes can have a major impact, especially when it comes to SEO. The latest batch of small-scale feature enhancements in Conductor help you make the most of the platform, drive impact, and streamline some of your most critical workflows.

Upgrade your keyword research workflow with expanded results

Elevate your keyword research workflow with up to 8x more targeted and relevant results in Explorer, Conductor’s industry-leading keyword index. Access expanded topic, related, and phrase match keyword results and suggestions to help inform your content creation strategy and tailor your brand voice directly to your audience.

Increase efficiency when building custom reports

Build custom reports faster with the new ‘Recently updated’ section in the Workspace popout. Immediately access your five most recently updated Workspaces from the auto-populated list, so you can focus on building the best report and eliminate time spent looking for the right report to update.

Get full visibility on your page-by-page link equity—for backlinks and internal links—to start making better decisions on how to optimize your link strategy. Find out which pages are underperforming (or overperforming) with the Backlink and Internal Link Overview, the newest offering in Marketplace.

Level up your content creation process and streamline workflows with Conductor

This round of feature enhancements to Content Guidance and beyond is all about helping you build better content that ranks and more effectively connects with your target audience. Streamline workflows, improve visibility, drive traffic to your site, and produce higher-quality conversions with Conductor.

Learn how Conductor can revolutionize your content creation and organic marketing efforts. Schedule a live demo with our experts today to see the enterprise SEO platform in action.

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