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New Academy Resources, Account Setup Tracking, & Priority Workflow Poll in Conductor

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  • By Will Potts
  • 4 minutes read

Get set up to take action and achieve success faster with the latest features in Conductor, including new training resources in the Academy and an account progress tracker for streamlined onboarding.

In case you missed it: #Barbenheimer saved the box office, and SEO *still* isn’t going anywhere . While we don’t know much about the plot of “Barbie” (no spoilers!), we do know 82% of marketing professionals said SEO positively impacted their performance in 2022. With 2023 projected to bring 180B+ in new search volume and Google’s latest SGE experiment, marketers need every tool in their belt to take on the SERPs and stay nimble in a fast-moving landscape.

That’s why Conductor is rolling out new workflows to get your team up to speed, tackling opportunities, and maximizing results faster than ever before, including:

  • ContentKing’s Academy joins Conductor’s Academy—now all in one place
  • Easy-to-follow account setup tracking
  • New workflow poll laying the foundation for end-to-end personalization

ContentKing + Conductor Academy = Your new go-to training hub

Conductor is rapidly making progress on its plans to integrate ContentKing’s technology and resources and create a unified SEO experience in our platform. We’re excited to announce another milestone in this journey. ContentKing’s award-winning Academy, including detailed educational content on every technical SEO workflow, is now fully available in the Conductor Academy.

Conductor’s Academy content showing the Technical SEO section. Buttons at the top indicate other sections available including Marketing Strategy and Team Enablement. Several content articles appear as panels toward the bottom of the page.

From mastering SEO-friendly URL structuring to fixing index coverage issues in Google Search Console (GSC), the reimagined Conductor Academy will empower your team to take on any SEO opportunity or challenge thrown their way. The step-by-step learning guides walk you through key concepts and then show you exactly how (and where) to take action. Writers can learn the ins and outs of crafting successful evergreen content while your technical team refreshes on XML sitemap best practices to ensure new content gets seen by search engines ASAP.

And with the intuitive Academy interface, finding the answers has never been easier—or faster. Organized by topics like Team Enablement, SEO Fundamentals, Technical SEO, and Content Marketing, every marketer can get right to the information they need without scouring a list of search results. Plus, you can now access the Academy directly from the Conductor platform's help menu for a quick refresh while your team works.

Fast-tracked, simplified onboarding is here with the new Account Setup Tracker

Close your eyes and imagine a world where people look forward to software onboarding. With Conductor’s new Account Setup Tracker, we’re making your dreams a reality (well, at least that one). Our latest account setup enhancement makes getting your account up and running in Conductor easy with an intuitive, guided experience.

Conductor’s Insight Stream report with grayed out boxes for where information widgets will appear once setup steps are completed. An Account Setup pane overlays the report on the right, with a list of steps to complete and a progress bar indicator at the top showing completion percentage.

The guide follows you as you move around the platform, staying in the bottom right corner, so you have a clear, step-by-step success roadmap everywhere you go. Using the built-in progress bar indicator, you can easily see which steps you’ve completed and which ones you still need to tackle. You’ll breeze through essential account setup steps, including:

  • Adding a web property
  • Adding keywords
  • Integrating analytics
  • Inviting teammates

With this new simplified process, you can spend less time onboarding and more time maximizing the platform to take on your biggest SEO priorities.

See the future of tailored platform experiences with the Priority Workflow Poll

When it comes to SEO and increasing organic visibility, everyone has different priorities—whether it’s fixing technical issues or generating new intent-driven content. So what if your SEO platform was smart enough to deliver customized workflows and guidance based on each user’s goals?

Conductor page showing a poll with “What do you want to do with Conductor?” written at the top of the screen. There are six use cases to select from, each one appearing as a button with a simple title and matching icon. There is an option to click “Continue” or “Skip this” at the bottom of the page.

Conductor already leads the market for personalization with role-based views, allowing each team member to streamline their experience to the most relevant features. But we’re taking it one step further. The new Priority Workflow Poll is an exciting first step in achieving this vision and providing all new users the chance to teach Conductor about their top uses when they’re first logging in. Use case options include:

  • Share reports on SEO performance
  • Optimize content on existing pages
  • Improve my site’s technical health
  • Research and analyze SEO data
  • Create new content
  • Get alerted to changes on my site

Plus, the poll generates a helpful overview of everything Conductor can tackle, letting you and your team quickly find and focus on the workflows that will drive the most impact.

Coming soon to Conductor

Wish you had a way to know how your content will perform before you press publish? Keep an eye on our blog for some exciting updates coming soon to Conductor.

Conductor feature page that is blurred out to hide the capabilities. The top left corner of the page is earmarked down, showing a small portion of what the feature page will look like. A target topic search bar is visible.

Take your team to the next level of SEO with Conductor

A lot is changing in SEO, and the best way to adapt is by investing in an enterprise SEO solution that keeps pace with the rate of innovation in search. Equip your team to tackle any problem and act fast with our latest enhancements.

Want to see more of this month’s releases in action? Check out the August Release video below.

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