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Conductor’s 2022 Wrapped: The Most Innovative SEO Platform Updates

  • Product News
  • By AJ Kieffer
  • 6 minutes read

From a reimagined UX to real-time technical SEO insights, explore the most innovative SEO updates to Conductor from 2022.

2022 continued the volatility that has remained constant since 2020, with widespread economic uncertainty across the globe driving shake ups in many industries. Search was no exception to disruption as Google rolled out three major updates, along with thousands of smaller updates, over the last 12 months. Two of the most notable releases were the helpful content update, which prioritizes content for humans over search engines and continuous scroll on SERPs for desktop.

It’s safe to say the last 12 months have kept SEOs on their toes. Boosting workflow efficiency, solving bandwidth limitations, and accessing richer data have been top of mind for SEOs and marketing leaders. With Conductor’s customer-first methodology, these needs were the driving force behind our top SEO tech innovations in the platform in 2022.

But enough intro, let’s dive into what you came here for: the highlight reel of Conductor’s 2022 Product Wrapped, detailing the top releases driving the most impact.

Built for the future of search, Conductor’s next-generation release revamped the platform experience. What does the newest version of Conductor mean for you?

  • Improved collaboration with more intuitive navigation.
  • Increased speed and faster execution with the new platform-wide search bar.
  • Greater flexibility in critical SEO workflows with expanded keyword results.
  • Stronger data to inform strategy and improve performance based on real-time insights from the SERP.

Conductor released its Next Gen Platform in 2022 with a new interface designed for organic marketing of the future. Shown: Insight Stream report.

Developed with your specific needs in mind, the next-generation Conductor experience checks all the boxes on your list of priorities, so you and your team can get back to what you do best: driving business impact.

#2.  ContentKing joins forces with Conductor: The new SEO dream team

A stunning 45% of marketers reported that the worst SEO incidents had an impact of $10,000 or more on their most critical website, according to data from The State of SEO QA Research in 2021 study . Yet only 10% of marketers reported that these types of technical SEO incidents on their websites were “very easy” to detect. If you don’t know there is a critical issue, you can’t fix it. The costs resulting from this lack of real-time alerts can be astronomical, ranging from thousands to millions of lost clicks, conversions, and sales.

Revolutionize your technical SEO efforts with ContentKing for Conductor—the only 24/7, real-time technical SEO auditing and monitoring solution available. Protect your most valuable asset—your website—with always-on monitoring and real-time technical SEO alerts so you can take action before rankings and revenue are impacted. Customizable alerting, detailed change tracking, and real-time log file analysis exponentially increase website performance and hit your goals.

ContentKing, acquired by Conductor in 2022, is the market’s only real-time technical SEO auditing and monitoring solution. Shown: ContentKing’s main dashboard view.

The first major step toward fully integrating ContentKing + Conductor was released this year via Single Sign-On (SSO) in Conductor. Now, access all the technical SEO insights you rely on with just one click in Conductor. Start your free trial of ContentKing today to get the real-time technical insights you’re missing and maximize the impact of Conductor.

#3. Turn to-do lists into done lists with Marketplace

Meet the reimagined Marketplace: your new go-to resource for curated, on-demand SEO services. Transform your to-do lists to done lists with new services like keyword research and backlink analysis. Easily search and filter to find the exact on-demand SEO service you need to take execution off your team’s plate. Request services from your Conductor team in just a few clicks directly within the Conductor platform.

Conductor reimagined its Marketplace in 2022 to make it easier to find and request the SEO services that help you get stuff done, all within the platform. Shown: new details page for the Page Optimization offering.

Increase flexibility and scale whenever you need with access to all of your annual credits—and the option to add more at any time. Always be in the know on the progress of your orders with instant project status updates via in-app and email notifications.

Leave bandwidth limitations back in 2022 where they belong with on-demand SEO service offerings in Conductor’s Marketplace.

#4. Get the recipe for winning content with Content Guidance

Get the winning recipe and all the ingredients you need to create content that ranks with this year’s enhancements to Content Guidance. Eliminate the guesswork when creating content with insights on everything from title tag patterns for related top-ranking content to schema markup, key questions to answer, content length, ideal page speed, and more. Simply copy and paste the URL to any competitor’s page into Content Guidance to discover what they’re doing right and where your opportunities are.

Conductor’s Content Guidance report highlighting its Questions and Schema Markup insights for the “home insurance” topic.

Work smarter, not harder, to increase your odds of landing the top spot and coveted result types, like People Also Ask, with new Question Insights. And boost content creation efficiency by exporting data-driven content briefs in minutes.

#5. A Whole New (SEO) World: Enterprise Keyword Reporting Reimagined

Proving the impact of SEO to executives and identifying lead-generation opportunities require rich reporting and insights. That’s why we increased investments in keyword datasets to enable instant tracking and reporting on keywords for any U.S. location (20,000+) in Conductor. Accelerate your SEO keyword research workflows and discover new topic opportunities by exploring up to 50 keywords at once.

Conductor’s Keywords report highlighting the ability to instantly start tracking and reporting on keywords for any U.S. location (22,000+), so you don’t need to wait to expand to new markets and capture the next ranking opportunity.

Plus, get more granular when building custom dashboards with Conductor’s daily keyword data, so you can tie action to results in any of your preferred reporting tools.

#6. Save time and drive more impact with prioritized action items from Conductor Live

Built to enable on-page changes directly from Conductor’s platform, Conductor Live Editor got even better in 2022. Pushing updates to your site in only one click was a game-changer, but the real challenge is understanding which optimizations and actions will drive the most impact.

Make instant on-page optimizations to your site through Conductor’s Live Editor directly from the platform in one click.

Now, Conductor Live provides a weekly curated list of top-priority optimizations sent right to your inbox. Get time back and target actions that will drive the results you need as quickly as possible. Additionally, cut through the noise and start optimizing faster by filtering for specific issues detected by Live.

#7. Complex enterprise reporting made simple with Workspaces

Tell the story of your organizational impact with leaders whenever with Workspaces in Conductor. Seamlessly add views of any data throughout Conductor to a Workspace in one click and translate complex reporting into tangible takeaways for leaders. Flexible, dynamic views combined with easy-to-build templates mean reporting no longer has to be your most time-intensive task. Clearly tie efforts to wins with Workspaces and spend your time innovating instead of compiling siloed data from multiple solutions.

Conductor’s Workspace reporting makes sharing SEO insights to key stakeholders a breeze, with flexible, dynamic views and easy-to-build templates.

Save time, add critical context, and elevate your enterprise reporting with new image upload functionality, customization capabilities to tailor data for every section of reports to any date range, and the ability to add Workspaces to folders for easier access.

Conductor’s SEO innovations heating up for 2023

2022 was a banner year for workflow advancements, platform-wide data improvements, and brand-new, real-time technical SEO insights in Conductor. But we are only getting started. Stay tuned throughout 2023 and beyond as we continue to invest in new ways to help you maximize your SEO and content marketing efforts.

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