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Don’t Pay For Keywords: Conductor Goes Unlimited

Conductor introduces Unlimited Keywords, lifting all restrictions on keyword and competitive tracking, and keyword research for customers. Join us in the future of organic marketing, where anything is possible.

People are searching online more than ever. Of the 20 billion searches each day, more than 20% of searched keywords are completely net-new. That's a lot of new questions being asked of search engines with an infinite array of keywords.

This means the way customers find your brand online is constantly evolving. Customers aren't limited in how they search—so why should your SEO be held back by artificial keyword limits?

Our goal is to accelerate your organic marketing, not hold it back. Conductor is going Unlimited.

Introducing Unlimited Keywords

Conductor is making a radical and exciting change. In 2021, we're redefining the industry standard by offering Unlimited Keywords.

This means that customers will have the option to track unlimited keywords and competitors, with absolutely no restrictions. As a company, we want our earnings to line 100% up with how our customers drive value, not how much they track or use.

Why Are We Doing This?

Organic marketing is about understanding what your customers need so you can create content that helps them and makes a difference. Because those needs are constantly changing, you as a marketer need the flexibility to keep up with your customers.

Now more than ever, organic marketing is the most effective and efficient way to drive traffic and conversions. Flexibility in keyword tracking is essential because driving quality traffic to your site has a direct impact on leads, sales, and revenue.

How this is Helping Brands

Our goal is to help brands scale their Organic Marketing programs without artificial limitations. Here’s how:

  1. No limits on tracked keywords: Brands are free from artificial keyword limits that force hard choices about which keywords to track and which ones to not track. Teams can also create a custom index to identify the most important opportunities to drive more traffic and revenue.
  2. No limits on tracked competitors: Second, brands can uncover new competitive opportunities to win market share without any limits on the number of tracked competitors.
  3. No restrictions for on-demand keyword research: Lastly, brands get unrestricted access to on-demand keyword research in Explorer—making it easy to uncover high-converting topics and keywords across search, social and demographic insights.

Conductor frees you from having to make unnecessarily limited choices of what keywords to track. It’s all part of our commitment to putting the customer first.

Driving Operational Maturity for Businesses

Over 10 years, we’ve worked with thousands of brands like Citi, Samsung and Slack to evolve their organic marketing programs.

We’ve learned that successful organic marketing requires ONE Enterprise Platform to accelerate outputs by bringing cross functional SEO, Content, and Web teams together:

  • Enable cross functional teams to collaborate
  • Centralize tools and workflows in a single platform
  • Integrate each team’s metrics into insightful reporting

For example, your business might mature from a bottlenecked process to one that’s built into marketing team workflow. Or it could evolve from siloed toolsets to a unified platform that integrates with your current tech stack. Our platform helps put the infrastructure in place to start and grow SEO programs.

With Unlimited Keywords, Conductor enables brands to scale their Organic Marketing programs and search visibility without artificial keyword limitations.

Availability: We’re rolling this out as an optional upgrade to qualifying customers in the first half of this year, and excited to bring more and more brands into Unlimited.

Want to scale your Organic Marketing program without limits? Reach out to the Conductor Team today.

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