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Content Strategy For The Web: The Conductor Content Solution

We've turned our big data architecture upside down to deliver insight that bridges SEO and content marketing. We call it Content Insights.

Search is, at its heart, a service that helps people find the content they want. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that as SEO matures and becomes more nuanced, search engines become increasingly discerning and demanding about high caliber content.

Many marketers find themselves in a bind in terms of content. We at Conductor have a unique view of the digital landscape; our customer success team talks to a multitude of brands a day and gets amazing insight into the challenges and aspirations of incredibly interesting and diverse marketing teams.

Three common content problems that we see our customers coping with:

1) The Content Frenzy: Some marketers have been adding page upon page in a content frenzy, and content production has become disconnected and disorganized in their businesses. We know that’s dangerous…if Google perceives your content as unfocused—content for content’s sake, not delivering real value—you’ll get sent to the back of the search engine pages.

2) The Content Deficit: On the other end, some of us are just starting out with content creation, and have the opportunity to begin in an organized way, but know there’s an urgency to produce in order to stick in the rankings. This could just be true for a segment of a business: as businesses grow, we embark into new verticals. Success constantly means new beginnings from a content perspective.

3) Lack of Insight into Consumer Desires: This is largely due to a problem that came along with Google restricting access to site keyword data. Many of the businesses we talk to report 80-90 percent of keywords obscured by Google, and that’s only going to grow. If you don’t know what people are searching for, then it’s hard to continuously focus your content to meet your consumers’ needs.

The Universal Content Wish List

As we talked to digital marketers across verticals about their content, we noticed a few things that were consistently on everyone’s wish list:

  • Top-level content performance view—How is my content performing overall?
  • Mapping the right keywords to the right content—Is my content focused on the right topics?
  • The ability to measure different kinds of content against each other—Which parts of my site are performing better than others?
  • Easy opportunity identification, and on a big scale—With limited resources, where can I make the biggest impact to improving my content?

A Conductor Solution—Introducing Content Insights

At Conductor, we pride ourselves on endeavoring to deeply understand the problems and opportunities our customers encounter. We take this knowledge and build holistic solutions for them.

Our Customer Success Managers and Product Teams have spent countless hours interviewing, observing and learning from exceptional marketers. We’ve combined these findings with our vision of the future of search and web discovery. With these resources, our engineering team has built what we believe to be an incredible solution for today’s challenges: we’re bringing SEO and Content Marketing together.

Our methodology? We have essentially turned our big data architecture upside down to create a delivery system for insight that our customers have never seen before. We call it Content Insights.

Content Insights breaks new ground in the technology space; it bridges the gap between the way you manage your web presence, with CMS systems or e-Commerce platforms, and how you measure performance through your visitor analytics platform (with tools like Google Analytics or Adobe).

An overview of what’s now possible with Content Insights:

  • The Content State of the Union: Compare any combination of content segments that are meaningful to you (i.e blog pages vs. review pages category pages vs. product pages). Segment by different lenses, such as by author or template. Use these insights to make your site more discoverable and better performing.
Content Insights performance over time
  • An Individual Segment’s Performance: Open your eyes to the performance of a specific segment of content across your site; this could be a template from your CMS system, or all pages containing the name of a brand or product line. Then understand, for this segment, which content is driving revenue and which is not. It can be surprising to see how much of your content is undiscoverable, and self-awareness is essential to improvement.
content insights traffic distribution in both area and pie graph forms
  • Content Opportunities: See instantly what pages are ranking for the wrong keywords, and what pages have revenue opportunities right around the corner. When you have the chance to make a small change that boosts your revenue, that’s big for our businesses—Content Insights helps you see and effect the change.
content optimization opportunities including finding unmapped content and giving it a clear intent that improves KPIscontent optimization opportunities including finding unmapped content and giving it a clear intent that improves KPIs

We’re excited to embark on this journey with you.

Content Insights can get you the different scopes of insight you need to understand your content, revive underperforming pages, and unite your SEO and Content Marketing visions.

Reach out to us! We would love to share more with you.

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