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Conductor’s 2017 Holiday Release—With a Bow on Top

  • Product News
  • By Patrick Morgan
  • 4 minutes read

We've been working hard to deliver you the best product on the market. In honor of the holidays, we're releasing improvements to Conductor.

With 2017 drawing to a close, it's time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the bounty of the holidays. At Conductor, we've had quite a year—growing our team, improving our platform, and working with great customers like you.

So to say thanks for a stellar 2017 (and give you a little something to unwrap) we're releasing just a few long-awaited improvements to Conductor's Platform before the end of the year:

New Workspace Management Experience

To continue making Conductor more usable and to add more consistency in visual design, we added a new experience for Workspace management. A new interface and less complex experience gives you a better way to manage your Workspaces and, as a result, your data.

Brand new updates to our reporting workspaces

We are working on more updates to Workspaces, so look for more to come!

Conductor Labs

To get your feedback on certain fun new features, we have added a new place in the Conductor SEO Platform—Conductor Labs—where you can get access to some of the work our Product and Engineering teams are testing out.

These experimental features are a small window into the amazing stuff we are busy building. That said, these new features will be experimental. They may change or disappear at anytime.

The first add to Conductor Labs is an easy-to-set-up Google Docs plugin, which you can try out now.

Brand new google docs plugin for our conductor customers

In this plugin, you'll have access to all of your favorite features of Audience Intent Explorer, to help you do keyword research as you write your content. Here's a closeup of what the plugin will look like in your Google Doc:

Brand new google docs plugin for our customers exploring how customers express intent for various topics

Fixed Start Dates For Widgets and Workspaces

To give you more options for how you monitor data in your Workspaces, you can now see data with a new time period option when you add widgets to Workspaces or edit widgets in Workspaces.

The Fixed Start Date option lets you choose a specific start date for your data. Data then appears from that point until the most recent time period.

You might want to use this option when you need to see:

  • Year-to-date data
  • Quarter-to-date data
  • Current data from an active campaign
Updates to the Conductor SEO Platform include offering fixed time periods to our date ranges

Filter by Theme in Your Insight Stream

To better focus on particular workflows and week-to-week movement in your data, you can now filter your Insight Stream by theme.

Filtering by theme shows you only stories that relate to a particular area of your digital marketing workflows, such as Competitive Insights or Content Analysis.

Now you can view all the insights into one aspect of your strategy. This will make gaining insight into your performance a breeze, as you easily look at the insights around your content performance, keyword trends or your competition.

New Conductor features include enhanced filtering options to our insight stream

Page Insights: Getting More... Faster

To give you more breadth and depth of data for your pages, up to 20 times the number of discovered keywords appear in the Discovered Keywords table in Page Insights.

More discovered keywords means you can:

  • Learn the full scope of a page's visibility in search
  • Discover new keywords to track and optimize
  • Understand how searchers are finding your page

Additionally, our engineers have amped up the performance on this report, so you'll experience quicker load times.

Updates to Conductor include improvements to the discovered keywords section of the page insights view

Update Your Keywords Right from Visibility Performance

We've added a number of ways to update your keyword settings directly from the Visibility Performance report, including adding or deactivating, changing category membership, and setting whether the keyword is Prime.

Conductor now has brand new functionality that allows you to add a keyword directly to a category from within your account

More Analytics Data

10,000 pages was not enough! To help you have a greater data set to work with as you review your content performance in Conductor, we can now deliver up to 100,000 pages with organic traffic data integrated from analytics providers.

New Engines and Locations

We've added seven new search engines and locations to our platform, so that there are no limits to how you scale your SEO strategies.

Conductor has added new international search engines to our platform so you can track your data globally

In fact, these new additions bring our total combinations of search engines, locations, and languages up to over 1,600!


We're excited to present you with all of these new updates and improvements, but this holiday release is truly just the beginning. We have so much to look forward to in 2018 as we push to deliver an even better experience to all of our customers. We look forward to serving you even more in the new year.

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