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Conductor New Feature Roundup: New SEO Features To Help You Climb Higher in SERP

  • Product News
  • By Nobuki Fujioka
  • 4 minutes read

Explore the latest Conductor releases that increase your website’s visibility in search and improve your SEO workflow with instant optimizations, AI recommendations, and shareable context.

As marketers, we know that agility drives success, particularly when it comes to SEO. Organic marketing is pivotal to driving traffic to your website, with 57% of B2B marketers saying that SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative. The longer it takes to act, the more you miss out on opportunities to increase site traffic, conversions, and revenue from search.

Building more effective and productive collaboration between SEO, Content, and Web teams is key to faster time to implementation—a top SEO priority for 2022. That’s why Conductor has released new platform enhancements focused on increasing productivity, agility, and reporting capabilities.

Prioritize action items, create meaningful content, measure performance, and optimize when and where you need to. Keep reading to learn more about the newest features in Conductor this month.

Prioritized action items to save time and drive more impact

With the introduction of Live, Conductor changed the way organic marketing teams take action and implement changes needed to improve their digital content. Live has allowed customers to cut through the red tape and make agile changes to content in real-time, all within the Conductor platform. Now, Live offers an even greater line of sight into the most impactful action items. Take the guesswork out of your SEO optimization to-do list and help your content rank higher.

Conductor Digest UI feature release

Get ahead of your content optimizations with proactive alerts that give you a curated list of top-priority changes. Dive into Live Editor to take action and execute these changes without missing a beat. Then keep track of all pages under your domain and zero in on the specific problems holding your page back. Filter page issues by category such as Title, Meta Description, and Length Issues. Then take action seamlessly through Live Editor with direct links to your problem areas. Rolling out to Live customers early this month!

When it comes to organic marketing, ranking number one is usually the primary goal. But there is another way to outrank your competition: taking advantage of rich snippet features within SERP. One of these rich snippet features, People Also Ask, puts your content directly in front of your audience simply by answering their questions in your content. But how do you know what questions your audience is asking?

For those who aren’t familiar with Conductor’s best-in-class feature Content Guidance, welcome to the future of your SEO workflow. Content Guidance provides marketers with on-demand access to AI-driven recommendations for crafting winning content at scale. Users can input a topic or page (or both) to see a curated list of recommendations for creating and optimizing content—from metadata, to headers, and body copy. Now, Content Guidance offers insight into which questions your audience is asking for your topic or website to help you tailor content to address these questions directly. Get optimized lists for your content, and uncover how your top competitors use People Also Ask—giving you an edge over the competition.

Conductor Content Guidance questions insight feature release

Provide shareable context with new exporting functionality

With streamlined workflows, take your curated recommendations and send them to your stakeholders directly with the newest update to Content Guidance. Now, Content Guidance allows you to generate a shareable Word document of all your content-related insights to help improve organizational collaboration. Tailor your document with additional info or send the insights directly to your content, SEO, or web teams with the relevant context they need to create or optimize content.

Conductor Content Guidance feature now exportable

Better page performance measurement through contextual keyword data

Our best-in-class content analytics feature, Content Performance, helps you track both your performance and the impact of your optimization on your overall organic visibility.

Analyzing the performance of your content is crucial to benchmark where you’re ranking now and how this could inform your strategy moving forward. Now you can make better decisions with more context via keyword data. Tie your page performance metrics and the top keywords your content ranks for to help build faster, more informed workflows.

Conductor Content Performance feature update

Increase your line of sight and your team's visibility on the SERP

Getting your content to the top of the SERP is critical to building a successful organic marketing pipeline. Align your team's processes and workflows with more context and better visibility to get there quicker with this month’s newest features.

Want to see what Conductor can do for your organic marketing strategy? Reach out for a live demo from our experts today.

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