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Insight Stream: Technology that Turns Big Marketing Data into Simple, Human Insights

We have more marketing data than ever before. That’s why we've released Insight Stream, revolutionary tech that takes your data and analyzes it for you.

We have more marketing data and more sophisticated technology than ever before. With so much data flowing in, though, it’s hard to know what matters.

As experienced marketers, you have no choice but to spend significant time digging through dashboards, charts, and data tables to find opportunities and understand performance. New digital marketers just do not know where to begin.

This can be overwhelming and frustrating. You have all the data right in front of you—you just don’t have the time or formulas to decode it.

That’s why we’re proud to announce Insight Stream, a revolutionary technology that takes your marketing data and analyzes it for you. It uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to turn your big data into simple, human insights.

video of the insight stream showing various graphs and insights about your website

Instead of digging through traditional tables and reports, marketers can access a stream of insights and suggestions that are customized for their preferences and goals.

Along with Conductor’s search intent, content, and competitive intelligence data, Insight Stream integrates data sources including web analytics, Google Search Console, and ContentKing monitoring to give you full visibility into your content’s visibility and performance.

You’ll see Insights like:

  • Quick, high value content opportunities
  • How your campaigns are performing
  • Critical site issues you need to act on fast
  • Competitive movement alerts
  • Wins to share with your team

And Insight stream is smart. You can show it what you like, and it will personalize your stream to only show what’s important to you.

insight stream personalization lets you show or hide specific stories and insight themes

As marketing leaders, we’re always looking to balance human intelligence with technology. Insight Stream is designed to make it easy for your team to communicate: you can share insights, take notes, send reports, and make decisions together.

video of insight stream showing how comments from team members can be added to widgets

Insight Stream is our vision for a better Monday morning. Don’t spend valuable time digging through your data. Grab a cup of coffee, log in, and immediately start doing.

See Insight Stream for yourself!
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