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Move Faster, Reach Farther: Introducing Conductor Live

  • Product News
  • By AJ Kieffer
  • 4 minutes read

The future of organic marketing is here. Accelerate your SEO implementation with real-time site optimizations and advanced organic marketing testing in the Conductor platform.

Unlike traditional marketing where buying attention through paid media is often the strategy, organic marketing is fundamentally different. No amount of money can make your website show up in the search results overnight. Standing out on Google requires every element of your website to be carefully optimized for your customers. And, doing this right takes effort, action, and time.

Agility Drives SEO Success

That means, in SEO, agility is the currency of success. How fast can you change a title tag? How fast can you optimize a meta description? The longer it takes to act, the more opportunities you miss to grow traffic, conversions and revenue.

Take changing a title tag. High-growth teams are doing this ten times faster than brands with flat growth. And, when it comes to creating new content, they’re able to publish four times faster.

Unlock Organic Growth with Conductor Live

So, why do some companies struggle to move quickly? We see brands are held back by two big barriers. The first is that many marketing teams are using outdated systems. Their websites are living in old and fragile Content Management systems, soaking up resources and bandwidth to maintain.

The second is that many brands are blocked by cumbersome processes. More often than not, small site optimizations are running through big processes involving stakeholders from legal, digital, IT, content, and SEO (to name just a few). Every time an optimization brief changes hands, it adds days, weeks and sometimes months to the time it takes for that change to go live.

We’re here to change this. At Conductor, our goal is to unlock agility in every organic marketing team. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Conductor Live.

Conductor Live is our solution to make every element of organic marketing activation faster. Now you can make website optimizations in real-time directly from within the Conductor platform.

The Conductor Live Guidance feature in the Conductor SEO Platform which allows you to update your website and track changes relative to your organic performance

Optimize Content in Real-Time with Live Editor

With Live Editor, marketers can instantly push technical and content updates to their website in just one-click, directly from Conductor. This makes optimizing your website seamless, helping your content become more visible on search engines in less time. Live Editor enables real-time changes to key SEO elements like title, header tags, meta description, image alts, and more.

Marketers can even optimize websites for technical health. Use Live Editor to inject schema markup—a powerful, yet underused tool in organic marketing—to help pages show up as featured results in Google.

Conductor Live is CMS-agnostic, meaning it works with every Content Management System with minimal setup or technical resources required. No need to engage your tech team.

Conductor wants to bring automation and efficiency to your organic marketing workflow. With Live, you can even automate future website changes aligned to your content calendar, so your organic marketing strategy is always in lock-step with upcoming campaigns.

The Conductor Live feature in Conductor's SEO Platform demonstrating how you can update title tags in the platform

Make SEO Changes in Chrome

See an opportunity while you're viewing your live content? Now you can take action in seconds with Conductor Live. Make instant website optimizations right from the Conductor for Google Chrome browser extension.

The extension automatically spots page errors, like missing meta fields or image alt tags, so you know all the ways to make your content more visible in search.

We even show you a running change log of all Live Edits made by your team, so you always know which changes have been made, and who made them. Say hello to better collaboration in organic marketing.

The Conductor Live feature in our SEO Chrome Extension demonstrating how you can change your website with the Extension as you view your website

SEO Testing With Live Experiments

As marketers, we care about how our products look to customers. If you were marketing a new product - like say, a new shampoo - you would probably spend a lot of time testing packaging. You’d want a label that stands out on the shelf.

In organic marketing, we make labels every day. Your snippet on the Google SERP is just like the label on your shampoo bottle. To get the best digital shelf space, you need a great label. But, only 5% of SEO teams are consistently testing optimizations.

Marketers run tests and learn from the results in every other channel. Why should SEO be any different? Conductor Live is your new hub for A/B Testing. With Live Experiments, you can setup and run site optimizations before you implement changes to your site.

Setup experiments to test which optimizations will drive the most impact, before you apply to your content, so you can show up and get found. This is the most advanced testing ground for organic marketing ever built.

The Conductor Live feature in Conductor's SEO Platform demonstrating how you can edit your webpages as well as run experiences, a/b, schema, and visual CSS changes

Ready to go Live? Reach out to the Conductor Team today to schedule a demo.

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