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Introducing the FlexHub: The World’s Most Powerful Marketing Reporting

Our experts have curated advanced business reports that allow you to pivot your data in new ways to reveal hidden insight available in the FlexHub.

Here at Conductor we have a team of business intelligence experts. Now, you may be wondering, what does a BI expert at Conductor do? They are the magicians who create the technology that turns your data into insights. And for the past few months, they have been working on something that is going to change how you as a modern marketer realize performance insights from your data—the FlexHub.

Our experts have taken their expertise and curated advanced business reports that enable you to pivot your data in new ways to reveal hidden insights. The FlexHub reports layer your lens of the world on top of Conductor by transforming your data sets to reveal new insights in the context of what matters most to your business. These advanced reports have the unique ability to be tailored to industry, role, and business challenge to empower marketers like you with specific insights.

New Flexhub Reporting in Conductor's SEO Platform
The FlexHub offers curated business reports that empower your team

Like the reports you have in Conductor's SEO Platform today, the reports in the FlexHub are delivered directly into your Workspaces, making data accessible and insights actionable.

This is the next evolution in marketing reporting. Here’s why our team is excited about the opportunities the FlexHub creates for our customers and why you should be too.

Patrick Kent, Senior Manager, Sales Engineering

We realize that every business has its own set of challenges and objectives. Many times, these can be met with data that is structured to address an organization’s unique needs.

Be it through visualizations identifying search trends on a global scale or aggregated visibility reports across dozens of domains—the Flex Hub enables marketers to create custom data sets to better achieve their goals.

Patrick Kent, Senior Director, Solutions Consulting, Conductor

Patrick Murphy, Reporting and Data Analyst

We’ve found that across our customer base, everyone has unique organic challenges and that they need a custom way to find insights from the data that matters most to them.

The FlexHub gives our clients the means to do this by allowing them to see their data the way that makes the most sense for them. It also drives us at Conductor to see problems marketers have in a different light and to continue innovating to meet their needs.

Patrick Murphy, Director of Engineering, Conductor

Jessie Cohen, Director of Audience Research and Analytics

As someone who lives in data, I am always challenged with how to communicate my findings with members of my team and the broader organization. TheFlexHub's reporting removes this obstacle by providing visualizations that are easily consumable by both those close to my projects and even those far removed.

I love being able to share these reports that help contextualize insights and easily show the value my team’s projects bring to their clients.

The FlexHub enables us to better visualize combined datasets from both Conductor Searchlight and our partners, such as DeepCrawl, and as we continue to partner with the best in class software companies, I’m all too excited about the reporting capabilities and visualizations to come.

Jessie Cohen, Director of Audience Research and Analytics, Conductor

Alex Hallenbeck, Sales Engineer

Search data is complex and marketers often face the challenge of aligning reporting with their organization’s overall business strategy.

The FlexHub enables our clients to visualize data through a unique lens to surface custom and actionable insights. Today, popular use cases among our customers include monitoring global visibility, aggregating technical errors across multiple domains, and assessing performance and impact of result types within the SERPs.

Alex Hallenbeck, Product Manager, Core Platform, Conductor

Have we peaked your interest? See more of how the FlexHub can revolutionize your reporting.

Unleash the power of your data. Learn more about the FlexHub.

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