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Simple, Intuitive SEO for Every Marketer: Conductor for Chrome

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  • By Jenny Li
  • 4 minutes read

Introducing Conductor for Chrome—the most powerful SEO browser extension ever created—now available to all marketers for free in the Chrome Web Store. Add to Chrome today for instant access to simple and intuitive organic marketing.

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Organic Marketing teams need to move faster than ever to keep pace with new competitors and empowered, digitally connected consumers. But successful Organic Marketing doesn’t just require agility, but also ongoing collaboration across every stakeholder managing the website—including SEO, Content and Web teams.

Most organizations, however, are hindered by silos. Different teams have their own tools and workflows, which sometimes makes it difficult to keep initiatives moving efficiently. And limited budgets can discourage marketers from investing in platforms that could benefit their companies.

To keep pace with the ever-changing marketing tides, teams—and individuals—need to uncover new information and make intelligent decisions as quickly as possible. With Conductor for Chrome, your entire team is empowered to access the best of Conductor, directly in their browser, which helps accelerate decision-making and site optimization. Add to Chrome for free today!

Introducing Conductor for Chrome

Conductor for Chrome was designed to make the day-to-day lives of Organic Marketing teams easier. By creating a seamless connection between the daily browsing experience, the Conductor platform, and other marketing tools, we’re helping create a more complete marketing workflow that embeds robust, but easy to use SEO, content, and technical tools within the Chrome interface.

Our one-of-a-kind SEO Chrome extension is now available to the general public through the Google Chrome Store, launched during Conductor’s C3 conference . Organic Marketing teams will have access to a variety of new feature additions and updates designed as part of this free SEO tool to meet everyone’s unique needs. For example, you can use the plugin to:

  • Discover new insights and topic opportunities
  • Easily uncover website optimizations to improve visibility and performance
  • Take action and collaborate more efficiently across teams

Let’s dive in.

Discover Insights in Real-Time

Consumer behaviors are constantly changing, but search remains an important part of their decision-making process. That’s why understanding your audience and the keywords and phrases they use to search for your solutions, services and competitors, is crucial for any Organic Marketing strategy. With the new Google Chrome SEO plugin from Conductor, audience and keyword analysis is easier than ever.

Anyone on your team can use Keyword Research to see how well pages rank for specific keywords and even identify new topic opportunities. Do in-line keyword research simply by highlighting keywords or phrases right on a page. Maximize performance in key markets because with more than 100 country and language combinations, your team can ensure they’re reaching the right audience, no matter where they are in the world.

Conductor for Chrome lets you conduct keyword research on individual pages to identify new topic opportunities

Uncover Optimization Opportunities for Live Content

Between evolving ranking guidelines and an increasingly competitive landscape, Organic Marketing teams must work diligently to maintain their SERP position. Using Conductor for Chrome, your team can get real-time insight into your website’s key attributes, overall performance and recommendations for further optimization.

Instantly see an overview of page attributes, including HTML, metadata, keyword count, and even user experience metrics to understand how your site is structured. Run a Health Check on pages to surface critical errors and see how you can resolve issues that are impacting visibility and performance.

Finally, dig deeper into your Technical SEO to get a complete view of technical factors impacting your site, like page speed, redirects, and robots and sitemap files. Because our SEO Chrome extension makes the process intuitive for marketers of all backgrounds, everyone can quickly gauge site performance against competitors, identify gaps and prioritize improvements that will help your business get (and stay) ahead.

Take Action and Collaborate Across Teams

As your team conducts keyword research and site analysis, there will undoubtedly be moments where they’ll want to act quickly. Live Editor allows team members to make on-page changes to content in real time—without having to go into the platform. This will allow your business to see maximum impact from site changes, whether it be through increased visibility, improved click-throughs or a boost in overall conversions.

If more significant changes need to be made that require input and action from different members of your team, you can use Actions to create new tasks and content briefs. As you explore different webpages, you can quickly engage with your team with the productivity tools they already use everyday, like Jira, Asana, Trello, and more—without interrupting your workflow.

Conductor for Chrome lets you add New Action: To-dos based on your findings from each page

You can also quickly bring new team members onto the Conductor Chrome experience with an easy-share link, so everyone can get a complete view of briefs, tasks and activities in one place.

Get Started with Conductor for Chrome

Collaborate with your team and make impactful changes to your website by leveraging the best of Conductor right in your browser. We’ve made our SEO tool available and free to all marketers, with access to additional premium features as a Conductor customer.

Install the Conductor for Chrome Extension today!

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