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Reshaping the Future of Organic Marketing with the Next Generation of Conductor

  • Product News
  • By AJ Kieffer
  • 5 minutes read

Look out for a transformation of our platform centered around the future of Organic Marketing to bring your team together for the ultimate enterprise experience.

2021 will continue to be a year of transformation and evolution for Conductor as well as businesses across the globe.

During this past year as consumers have moved more of their activity online than ever before, brands have had to quickly scale their online presence to meet customers’ changing needs. With this evolution, businesses across industries are investing more in SEO than ever before, as marketers seek to maximize digital impact. In fact, U.S. eCommerce growth jumped by more than 30% in 2020 , reaching a level not previously expected for another 2 years.

And as revenue streams move online and jobs have gone remote, the platforms and tools we use have also become more vital than ever. As the shifts in customer behavior continue to accelerate, how can marketers keep up?

That’s where Conductor comes in. We’re reimagining how we can help Organic Marketing teams adapt, navigate and thrive in this changed landscape.

Introducing the Next Generation of Conductor

2021 brings the opportunity for meaningful progress. This year, we’re investing in a complete transformation of our platform centered around the future of Organic Marketing. We’re reimagining the look and feel of our platform, incorporating AI intelligence, and building more robust connections to bring your team together for the ultimate enterprise experience.

Intuitive Design Personalized Around You

We’re redesigning our flagship SEO platform, Conductor, to be even more powerful, intuitive for every role, and seamlessly aligned to your workflow. Accomplish more with a modern, customizable platform experience designed for the Organic Marketing team of the future.

In addition to a completely reimagined look and feel, the overall experience is also undergoing an exciting transformation. We use role-based personalization to tailor the experience to your unique needs as a marketer, and further customize based on your experience-level with SEO - from those just getting started to our most sophisticated power users. With Role-Based Views, your entire team can use the platform, from SEO to content to executives, and see the insights and reporting that matters most to them.

Simplified navigationandkey features such as shortcuts make the time you spend in the platform more efficient, relevant, and valuable. You’ll be able to move through your Organic Marketing workflows with greater ease and efficiency - from discovery to measurement to action.

Conductor's next generation Shortcuts that make your time in the platform more efficient

Smart Technology For Greater Productivity

We want Conductor to be where you can get more done in one place. That’s why we’re infusing our platform with intelligent and proactive features that do the heavy lifting for you, uncovering the most impactful and actionable insights.

Get immediate answers and strategic recommendations that propel you to action and execution in just a few clicks:

  • Content Guidance automatically provides you with data-driven recipes for creating powerful content and next steps to optimize your content, pulling all relevant information together (so you don’t have to). Conductor’s learning intelligence technology analyzes and curates insights based on factors like customer voice, on-page factors, and even what your competitors are writing about for that topic, to serve up impactful recommendations.
  • Next, our Universal Search gets you immediate and sophisticated answers that predict what you need (not just what you ask). Like a search engine but smarter: enter your query into Universal Search, and receive not only answers like keyword detail matches, but also insights around ranking and recommendations for where to go next in the platform.
  • Then, go from insight to action instantly with Conductor Live, which will continue to improve the ways you can make impactful optimizations in real-time. You can make meta changes and content changes from Conductor and push them live to your site, without ever having to go into your CMS.
Conductor Live lets you make content and technical optimizations in real time

With these intelligent features and AI tools for SEO, you’ll achieve greater agility through smarter insights and get more done, faster.

Connections for a More Seamless Workflow

Finally, bring your entire team, data and tools together to keep things moving. Our comprehensive network of connections and integrations make Conductor the perfect hub for collaboration in digital marketing.

We’re designing the future-state of how you manage your team’s workflows and projects with Actions. Streamline and spark collaboration by sending tasks, content briefs, and more from Conductor to the project management platforms you’re already using (like Asana, Trello, or Jira).

Product screen showing the task names, status, and latest activity of different projects created within Conductor's Actions Manager

We’re also making it easier than ever for you to demonstrate the value of your marketing efforts. Our flexible reporting capabilities and ready-to-customize templates in Workspaces ensure your SEO and content initiatives gain the buy-in and influence to drive more valuable business decisions..

And finally, we’re continuing to envision how you can engage with your whole team seamlessly across the platform, browser extension, and other key integrations. Conductor for Chrome is one of our first major steps toward redefining team-wide collaboration. The one-of-a-kind browser extension puts SEO insights into the hands of your entire Organic Marketing team (whether SEO, Content, Web, or other) to collaborate and get things done without even leaving the page. Click here to install for free!

Be Part of The Next Generation

The future is already in motion. We’re spearheading the move into the future of Organic Marketing by redefining how teams work together and how organizations can mature their operations to achieve greater success.

With Conductor, empower your team to succeed in the evolution of search as we develop the next generation of solutions to help customers collaborate, get more done, and measure impact.

Want to be at the forefront of the search evolution with the future of Organic Marketing technology? Sign up to join the Next Gen Conductor waitlist.

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