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Richer Data, Deeper Insights, Better Workflow: 2018 Kickoff Conductor Release

Hot on the heels of our Holiday Release, Conductor is excited to keep bringing you more!

The 2018 Kickoff Conductor Release delivers a number of enhancements to provide you with richer data and more value throughout your Conductor's SEO Platform workflows. Here's everything new waiting for you in our latest Conductor release.

More Global Insights at Your Fingertips

Domain Explorer is your go-to for on-demand search and competitive research. And as the search landscape keeps changing at a breakneck pace, we’re investing more in Domain Explorer to keep you ahead of the curve.

Today, Conductor is adding the following two new features to the report:

Explore any location in Domain Explorer

So you don't have to limit your research to just the search contexts in which you track keyword searches, you can now choose from any of the global search contexts we support in Domain Explorer. The world is now at your fingertips to give you more data for your research.

global search engine results in conductor's domain explorer

Compare your explored domain to another

See a performance comparison in Domain Explorer between any two domains. Compare domains to perform actions like:

  • Investigating your competition.
  • Comparing your performance at a glance.
  • Reviewing Top Searches to identify content for optimization.

More Ways to Explore Universal Results

We're adding new capabilities to help you keep up with the ever-evolving SERP. Thanks to a new trend chart in Content Type Explorer, you can more effectively understand how the Universal Result landscape is changing over time for searches you track. This helps better inform your content strategy by targeting Result Types with a growing presence.

chart showing conductor's platform tracking keywords google universal search results over time

Additionally, you can now filter the table on Content Type Explorer to show only certain result types. Curious to know how many of your tracked keyword searches generate answer boxes? Just use the Result Type filter.

Jump Between Accounts with Ease

Keeping Conductor's SEO Platform easy to navigate improves your workflows as much as having lots of data. If you manage multiple Conductor accounts, it's now a breeze to switch between accounts. With just two clicks, you can quickly navigate from one account to another without losing context or leaving the screen.

Fresh Look and Feel for Workspaces

We believe in Workspaces.

Data in Conductor's SEO Platform's reports can bring you a lot of insight, but when you put seemingly disparate datasets together in a Workspace, you can start to really put the pieces of your digital marketing puzzle together.

So, for the new year, we've brought you a more usable Workspace.

Workspaces have been updated with a fresh look and feel. Not only do Workspaces look better, they are easier to organize, share, and copy.

Workspaces in Conductor's SEO Platform showing custom reporting capabilities

Bonus: Try Out Our New Date Pickers

To improve your experience when selecting reporting time periods, Conductor is updating the look and feel of the date picker in Conductor's reports. The date picker now appears with a new, more intuitive look and feel that better accommodates your workflows. It’s easier than ever to pick the dates you want to report on.

Conductor customers can check out the new enhancements right now by logging into the Conductor SEO Platform .

Not a customer yet? Don't miss out! Contact us to learn more how you can get access to the richest data and most valuable insights from Conductor.

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