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Conductor New Feature Roundup: Winter 2020

  • Product News
  • By AJ Kieffer
  • 3 minutes read

New Ways to Explore & Easier Ways to Share SEO Insights and Content Opportunities in Conductor's SEO Platform.

They say that context is everything. Without it, information, data and insights can lack meaning and fail to drive successful outcomes and results. For marketers, analyzing search data and uncovering insights with the specific lens of your business is imperative for a strong digital strategy.

And, all businesses are different. Objectives, goals, and metrics vary from industry to industry and brand to brand. At Conductor, we understand the importance of on-demand, highly customizable search intelligence, tailored to your business. We’re investing in new ways to explore data with flexible filtering and collaboration tools, to help customers uncover the most impactful insights.

Today, we’re excited to release new features in our SEO platform providing customers with new ways to explore our rich data and easier ways to share insights and opportunities across teams.

This is Search Intelligence. Your Way.

Limitless Possibilities with New Ways to Explore

All great ideas start with an insight. We’re enhancing our keyword research platform, Explorer, with new innovations to help customers research audiences and keywords in more depth.

Customize, Save & Share with Personalized Filters

Sometimes the best opportunities are hiding in a plain “site” (get it?). And, you may need a little help reading between the lines. We’ve completely reimagined the filtering experience in Explorer to help you dig deeper. Our goal is to make it seamless and flexible for you to explore our rich data in the context of your business and unlock granular insights that shape new ideas. Now you can create, save and share custom filters across your team for a new level of collaboration.

Conductor's Explorer feature demonstrating new filters that help you better analyze keyword data

Understand Demand Across Channels with Social Insights

In 2020, Google isn't the only place where people turn for answers. Consumers post, like, comment, tag and share across an ever expanding list of communication and social media platforms. Understanding demand across these platforms is key to creating impactful content that resonates. We’re expanding social mentions and engagement metrics to ALL topics and related keywords in Explorer, to give you the strongest signal of demand.

Infinite Opportunities with Easier Ways to Share

Even the most powerful insights and ideas don’t drive impact unless you can share them with your team. Our goal is to create a highly flexible platform that drives collaboration and enables teams to do more.

“I See It, I Like It, I Want It, I Got It” with Favorite Workspaces

Now you can save it for later. Easily keep track of the reports that matter most in your workflows. Tag your most valuable Workspaces as favorites for quick access and seamlessly share to stakeholders, all from within our platform.

Conductor's Workspaces are quick access and easy to share reports and dashboards that live within the platform

See What Matters, When it Matters with Insights Stream Enhancements

Every minute, consumers make nearly 2.5 million searches on Google. Seeing real-time insight into website traffic and visibility of your content is key to staying ahead of the SERP. Insights Stream now provides enhanced Traffic & Visibility metrics and improved Result Type stories, so you can take action the second you login to our platform.

Insights Stream provides enhanced Traffic & Visibility metrics and improved Result Type stories

Quickly move throughout the platform with greater ease with a simplified navigation experience. Executing and managing your account is easier than ever with the new Take Action and Account tabs.

2020 is a fresh new decade and we’re just getting started. Our annual search marketing conference, C3, is fast approaching, and we have exciting announcements in the works.

Register here to save your spot at our annual digital marketing conference, C3 2020 , on May 12 - 13 in New York City.

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