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New Real-Time SEO Reporting with Daily Keyword Data: Conductor’s Latest Features

  • Product News
  • By Nobuki Fujioka
  • 3 minutes read

Connect the freshest daily keyword data to your custom reports and dashboards via the Conductor API. And enhance your optimizations and maximize efficiency with new cannibalization insights.

Proving the value of SEO is key to getting buy-in, securing budget, and building a reliable organic marketing foundation for your business. But most marketers are forced to rely on weekly or monthly keyword data, making it impossible to make decisions and prioritize based on real-time insights.

Leaders and decision-makers want to see how the site is performing now, with clear insights into search visibility, content performance, and immediate keyword opportunities to target when it comes to your enterprise SEO strategy. These types of requests often require tailored reports and custom graphics that live outside of your enterprise platforms. That’s why we doubled down and focused on significant enhancements to the Conductor API. New daily keyword data via the Conductor API enables you to build better, more granular reports based on real-time insights. And find keyword opportunities faster with new cannibalization insights in the Keywords report.

Make more informed decisions with real-time insights powered by the latest platform enhancements released this July. Learn how to make the most of the Conductor API upgrades and start working smarter, not harder, to reach your goals.

Elevate your enterprise SEO reporting with real-time keyword data from the Conductor API

Your organization has unique needs, so your enterprise SEO reporting must provide you with insights across a variety of metrics that fulfill the specific requests of each business leader. Custom reports based on the freshest data possible are critical but mostly inaccessible—until now.

Build out more reliable custom dashboards and reports that better align with your unique enterprise needs with the latest enhancements to the Conductor API. Now with daily keyword data, our API enables you to get more granular in your reporting. Make more informed decisions and identify opportunities faster while clearly showing the impact to leaders.

Boost efficiency and move faster with real-time SEO data in Conductor. Trust us; once you go real-time, you won’t know how you lived without it.

A view of the Enterprise SEO Reporting functionality in the Conductor platform

Prioritize keyword opportunities with new cannibalization insights

Cannibalization is a nightmare. But avoiding it is even more challenging when your keyword performance data lives in silos or worse, it doesn’t even provide the number of pages your keywords rank for.

Identify content optimizations and opportunities faster with new insights in Conductor that help you curb cannibalization when it can hurt your rankings and inform you when it could be a strategic win.

See all the pages ranking for a specific keyword and prioritize the best opportunities for any given topic.

And, maximize efficiency with an all-in-one view that connects your keyword rank data and content performance. Stop digging through data silos for specific keyword details. Now everything you need to take action is on the same page in the Keywords report.

Eliminate the guesswork and optimize confidently with the most up-to-date keyword page rank metrics. Revamp your organic optimization process with access to all the information at hand to ensure you’re investing in the right opportunities guaranteed to drive results.

Find opportunities faster and build better reports with Conductor

This month’s roundup of the latest enhancements to the Conductor API provides the freshest data you need to make the right decisions the first time around. Unlock customized enterprise SEO reporting based on real-time insights. Get the right pages to rank for your keywords with the latest keyword cannibalization insights.

Want to see Conductor in action and learn more about how it will amplify your SEO efforts? Reach out today for a live demo from one of our top SEO experts.

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