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Boost Your SEO Speed with Conductor’s Latest Features

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  • By AJ Kieffer
  • 5 minutes read

Make the most of the latest features in Conductor, including increased flexibility in Content Guidance, integrated GSC keyword data, and a new strategic content performance offering.

Every marketer knows that time is one of the most precious commodities in SEO. Everyone wants it, yet there’s never enough of it. Depending on who you ask, the average piece of marketing content takes anywhere from one week to three months before it’s ready to publish. The process is clear: research, brief, write, edit, publish, measure—repeat.

But, when bandwidth gets stretched, SEO and content teams often miss key steps in the workflow. The most important? Measurement. How did that latest newsletter perform? Is that new blog driving traffic? Are my pages ranking for target keywords? Measuring SEO success poses a challenge as it often involves combining disparate data sources to try and get a clear picture of performance, resulting in tedious efforts and wasted bandwidth.

Conductor has you covered. The latest enhancements in our Enterprise SEO platform are all centered around one goal: making your SEO workflows more efficient. Streamline measurement efforts and get precious bandwidth back with unified keyword performance data, more actionable SEO reporting, and a new SEO and content service offering in our services Marketplace. Read on to learn more about the latest and greatest in Conductor.

Break down silos with Google Search Console data in SEO page-level reporting

SEOs have suffered through manual and siloed reporting workflows for long enough. These silos lead to an incomplete view of keyword performance resulting in decisions based on assumptions rather than comprehensive data. Eliminate tedious cross-referencing between reports by integrating all your preferred analytics tools in Conductor, including performance data directly from Google Search Console data in page-level reports.

Conductor’s Page Details keyword table showing metrics like rank, MSV, Impressions, Clicks, and CTR.

Now you can see keyword engagement data, like impressions, clicks, and CTR, side-by-side with SEO metrics, like MSV and Rank, so you can prioritize and tackle the best keyword opportunities in fewer clicks. Better understand which keywords are driving engagement to the right pages so you can align resources effectively to drive improved results. And, benefit from a complete view of all relevant keywords, combining your tracked, untracked, and GSC keywords, so no opportunity is missed.

Unifying these powerful keyword data sources into one convenient view means your team can increase productivity and enjoy new bandwidth to take on more opportunities than ever.

Build actionable SEO reporting with next-generation content recommendations

Every day, marketers use Conductor’s content recommendation engine, Content Guidance, to get an actionable blueprint for high-ranking content. The algorithm analyzes and curates thousands of factors to produce a winning content recipe, including insights on customer intent, competitor content, and a variety of on-page elements so you can focus on the highest-impact opportunities. Now, maximize productivity and deliver actionable reporting on content optimization strategies by adding Content Guidance recommendations directly to Workspaces—Conductor’s flexible reporting suite.

Conductor’s Content Guidance screen, with a recommendation to target a higher search volume keyword and embedded icon to add it to a Workspace.

In just a few clicks, compile all the content recommendations your team needs to drive results with custom Workspaces personalized for every content project. Strengthen your proposals and get more resources for your next initiative by combining performance reporting with Content Guidance recommendations—all in the same Workspace. Give stakeholders direct visibility into the strategies that fueled your content or optimization briefs and the corresponding results for improved alignment across teams.

Plus, track how long it takes for recommendations to be implemented with auto timestamps showing when Content Guidance insights were generated. Use this data to identify areas of opportunity for increased efficiency within content projects.

With this new ability to add Content Guidance recommendations in Workspaces, you’ll unlock unlimited possibilities for how you harness Conductor’s intelligent insights.

Request a content audit in just 1 click

Marketers need up-to-date data on content performance to deliver the strongest marketing strategy possible. But enterprise websites often include thousands of pages to manage with limitless optimization opportunities making it difficult for marketers to know where to take action. That’s where Conductor’s Marketplace comes in.

For years, Marketplace has helped customers unlock bandwidth by making SEO services available in one click. Now, get prioritized insights on exactly how your content is performing and where you can improve with Content Audit, our latest analysis service offering.

Conductor’s Content Audit service description page showing a brief summary of the audit’s value and check list of work received.

Request this service and receive a convenient dashboard summarizing performance across key subfolders using personalized benchmarks. Then get granular reporting across metrics like MSV and visits for all your ranking keywords and URLs. Gain confidence on how to prioritize pages for optimization with clear categorization of your URLs by performance, and get recommendations such as where combining content into one URL could be valuable. If you want to monitor these insights on an ongoing basis, request this service monthly or quarterly to determine content seasonality and track the ROI of your efforts.

Let our team of experts do the work for you, so you can focus on taking action.

Fuel efficiency and get more done with Conductor

Shorten the time it takes your team to analyze performance and identify high-impact opportunities with the latest features in Conductor. We know time is precious, so we’re making your workflows easier than ever so you don’t have to break a sweat.

Learn how Conductor optimizes your SEO workflows to save time and increase ROI.
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