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Conductor New Feature Roundup: C3 2019

Check out the just-announced game-changing features newly integrated to Conductor's SEO Platform.

5.5 billion times a day people turn to search to solve their problems and look for answers. They are leaning on search engine algorithms to make important life decisions like “which car to buy with top safety rating” or “top eye doctors near me.” The search box is a true window into your customers’ minds. For your business, search is the closest you can get to the customer voice.

Getting a full picture of your customers’ needs and wants, however, is more complicated. While the act of searching occurs in real time, the data search provides is not live. And though the data tells us what they want, it doesn’t really tell us who, exactly, is behind the search. Customers express their needs and wants across other channels as well - by what they talk about, what they like and what they don't. We are on a path to find the customer behind the search by incorporating more holistic data sets to help inform business decisions.

Social Media Intelligence & Demographic Data Integrated into Conductor's SEO Platform

Social media analytics let you understand customer voice

Today at C3 2019, we announced that we will be integrating audience demographic insights into Explorer, as well as augmenting Explorer’s search insights with social media intelligence. That’s a major addition that will provide a 360-degree view of your customer and business.

Explorer’s search insights with social media intelligence

Understanding not just what your customers are looking for, but who is interacting with your content will ensure the topics you are targeting are aligned to your target customers, and all you to discover new target audiences.

Marketing teams will be able to further understand how to leverage, distribute, and promote content across channels by viewing search trends, site popularity, and social media trends in one place. The combination of search insights, demographic data, and social intelligence will empower your team to create the most relevant content for your audience across channels.

We’re the first enterprise SEO platform to bring social and demographic data into our on-demand research capabilities, thanks to our newest strategic partner, Talkwalker . Explorer will start rolling out to customers in late Q2.

Actions Content Briefs

A content brief template built into Conductor

Execute on What Matters: Meet the New Content Brief

The greatest content idea is only as good as its execution. In addition to providing you with all of the insights you need to target the right content topics and audiences, Conductor is committed to help you seamlessly get that data to your content creators. We are introducing Content Briefs to make going from content research to content creation a seamless process.

Conductor content brief within the Explorer feature

One of the most important tasks in the content creation process is building a content brief, the foundation of a good piece of content. The content brief captures important user and topic research to give the content creator the context to create an engaging asset for the right audience.

With Conductor Content Briefs, you can create smart content briefs directly in Explorer, populated with Explorer search, social, and demographic insights, and send that brief to your favorite task management software to kickstart the content creation process. Content Briefs are designed to simplify your workflow and make collaboration easier.

Content Briefs are powered by Conductor Actions, and integrate directly with Asana, JIRA, and Trello. This new functionality will start rolling out to customers in late Q2.

Measure What Matters with New Multi-Channel Content Measurement

Your marketing team is producing a ton of content. Great, right? But too often, marketers don’t have insight into the impact their content strategy is having on the business. Our goal at Conductor is to provide visibility and metrics to ensure the content you are creating is the right content at every stage of the buyer’s journey across channels and that you are getting ROI on that content.

Conductor's Page Insight feature incorporating multi-channel content measurement

Today, we’re realizing the first step in that vision by introducing multi-channel content measurement into Conductor's SEO Platform. By providing multi-channel analytics across paid, organic, social, email and more, we’ll provide a more holistic picture of how your audience finds your content. Armed with multi-channel insights, marketers can better optimize the traffic coming to their content.

This new functionality is available in Closed Beta.

That’s Not All: Even More Features Released

  • Explorer: People Also Ask: Learn more about what your audience cares about and the questions they’re asking with People Also Ask data available in Explorer’s Topic Report. Knowing what people are asking about a topic provides you with more insight into customer intent so you can create more relevant and targeted content. This is available starting today for all customers.
  • Explorer: On-Demand Baidu Research: Get the full picture of your global performance with Baidu support for on-demand topic and page research. This is available for all customers. This is included and available starting today for all customers in our Enterprise package.
  • Explorer: Expanded Dataset: To give our customers greater ability to determine visibility across their keywords beyond a sample set, we’re expanding the data available data for reporting and analysis in Explorer’s On-Demand Domain research report. This is included and available starting today for all customers in our Enterprise package.
  • New Services: We didn’t only announce new product updates at C3 2019, we introduced an industry-first services offering for all of our customers. It’s pretty big news so it deserved its own run down.

Want to see our new features in action? Come take a tour of Conductor's SEO Platform with us.

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