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Conductor New Feature Roundup: C3 2020

  • Product News
  • By AJ Kieffer
  • 7 minutes read

Learn about the latest and greatest innovation from Conductor unveiled at C3 2020, empowering marketers to discover insights, take action, measure success, and grow teams in all new ways.

With 20 billion searches performed each day on search engines, there are a lot of questions to answer and countless answers to provide. Now, in the current state of the world, people are turning to search engines for just about everything, from tracking down toilet paper to refinancing their business to exploring new ways to revamp their morning routines. As a brand, it’s the right time to answer as many questions as possible. 

That’s where we come in. We’re excited to introduce you to the latest innovations from Conductor, tackling some of the biggest challenges in marketing today, helping you transform your marketing into a force for good. 

Valuable Content, Guaranteed. Say Hello to Sage Intelligence

Know What Works. Avoid What Doesn’t. Deliver Winning Content

Creating content that helps customers is easier said than done. First, you need to know what customers are actually looking for. Conductor’s Explorer has always been the gateway to understanding customer intent, but even after you uncover customer needs and decide what to write about, how do you know what content to actually create?

Say hello to Sage, Conductor’s all-new Intelligence for Content Guidance. Sage knows everything about content. Your content, your competitors content—really any content that’s out there on the worldwide web. Sage’s machine learning engine combs through it all, analyzing and curating tens of thousands of on-page factors, unpacking the qualities of successful content.

Simply tell Sage the topic or page you want to rank for (or both), and Sage provides a recipe for success and all the ingredients you need to rank. This could be anything from including certain page attributes or meta tags, or writing a certain type of content, or even including elements like schema. Sage knows what’s best for your content.

Conductor's Content Guidance uses NLP to provide insight into any topic

Sage is Coming to Slack

We know modern marketing teams are working in many different tools and platforms. To make your workflow more seamless, we’re bringing Sage to both Conductor and to Slack. With Sage in Slack, get quick recommendations for making successful content, right in the place you communicate most with your team.

Take action with the all-new Marketplace

Your New Portal to On-demand Marketing Services

It’s a classic tale. The busy marketer doing the jobs of many, stretching budgets, and piecing together resources to achieve goals. Sounds familiar?

On top of that, marketing workloads aren’t smooth and steady. Demand spikes during campaigns and product launches. The problem is: when your workload peaks, your team stays the same size. Say goodbye to nights and weekends.

Last year we introduced Actions, our solution for taking action directly from our platform and earlier this year we released the first generation of Marketplace, an all-new way to access expert marketing services in our platform. Now, we’re supercharging both Actions and Marketplace, and connecting the two together in a whole new way.

Lights. Camera. Action(s)

Anywhere from within the Conductor platform, access the completely reimagined Actions experience. Actions will be available everywhere—and let you do anything—serving contextually relevant next steps. Actions gives you the option to do it on your own, like starting an Optimization Brief, or to getting help from an expert, with offerings provided through our Marketplace. More on that next!

Conductor's Page Insights report where you can take immediate action and view change history

Need Help? New Partner Offerings Enable You to Take the Next Step

Not only do we proactively suggest available offerings from Orchestra (our team of digital marketing experts—they’re awesome, by the way), Marketplace is now fully integrated with our Partner Ecosystem. These partners are thoroughly vetted by Conductor—only the best-of-the-best. There are 50+ Partner Offerings to choose from in Marketplace, everything from content creation, to paid media, to technical SEO, to supporting your analytics. With Partner Offerings, you can now take on anything digital.

The Marketplace feature in the Conductor SEO Platform which provides solution for your various organic marketing needs

That's Not All! Meet the New Marketplace

Our Marketplace hub is also pulling into the fast lane with an all-new experience. Browse, search, filter, favorite, and request any of our offerings. Simply tell us what you want to accomplish, and Marketplace automatically elevates the best offerings for you. Learn more about each offering and seamlessly request the ones that are right for you, directly from Conductor.

Conductor's Marketplace offering in its SEO Platform featuring various easy-to-find support for improving your SEO and digital marketing performance

Orchestra and Partner Offerings are available today! Reach out to the Conductor Team to get started.

Unlock Your Holistic Online Visibility with Digital Presence

Track any Web Property Across Social, Owned Content, and Earned Media

Content isn’t always a website, or a blogspot, or an eCommerce page. It can be YouTube videos, social posts, press coverage, and so much more. Content is everything and it exists everywhere.

Marketers create and manage content and marketing assets across the entire digital ecosystem, but understanding the value of this content in one place, is one of the great marketing mysteries.

We’re here to demystify it. With Digital Presence tracking, you’ll be able to track the visibility of all your digital content across social media, blogs, press coverage and more, on the Google SERP. Even stay ahead of the competition by defining and tracking comparison content.

Starting today, you’ll be able to track the visibility of all the content in Keyword Performance, and coming soon, in an all-new report in Conductor: Your Digital Presence. This will make understanding the cumulative impact of your entire content ecosystem seamless, while still giving marketers the ability to dig into each channel or web property and understand its performance. Simply put, this is your new content command center.

Conductor's Digital Presence offering in its SEO Platform featuring an overview of your visibility and content performance in organic search

Learn more about Digital Presence here!

Conductor Beyond the Platform. Introducing Conductor for Google Chrome

Empower Your Whole Team with our Reimagined Chrome Extension

Our goal is to make your SEO & Content Marketing workflow as frictionless as possible, and help your entire team do SEO, and do it the right way.

We’re taking the best of our flagship technology, Conductor Searchlight, and infusing it into your browser with the most intelligent search marketing Chrome extension ever created.

Conductor for Google Chrome gives marketers on-demand, seamless access to powerful search insights and competitive intelligence, all from the place you probably spend most of your time online.

See the Building Blocks of Every Page

You can see behind the scenes of how content is performing, both yours and competitive pages. Get an instant Health Check for potential issues like drops in rank or traffic, and uncover the factors that are influencing both successes or issues.

Conductor for Google Chrome breaks down every page to its building blocks to show the overall structure, like its header tags, meta description, images, and links and how these elements impact the readability and user experience.

Kickoff Keyword Research in Chrome

Researching customer intent is one of the key parts of any SEO and content marketing workflow. We’re bringing Explorer into our new extension, with in-line, embedded keyword research.

Highlight any word or phrase on any page, and our extension provides in-line insights, like related keywords and associated monthly search volume, as well as the People Also Ask results. Happy browsing!

Conductor's Digital Health Check offering in its SEO Chrome Extension featuring an overview of your visibility, performance, and rank in organic search

That’s Not All: Even More Features Released

  • Result Types in Explorer: Uncover new opportunities to rank for different result types, like Answer Boxes and Videos, and increase your brand’s visibility on the SERP.
  • Workfront and Google Docs for Actions: Expedite your workflow by sharing Content Briefs and Actions to Google Docs and Workfront.
  • Personalized and Shareable Filters on Keyword Performance: Expose hidden opportunities with new customizable filters on Keyword Performance. Create, save, and share your filters for greater efficiency and collaboration.
  • Location Visibility Comparisons: Prioritize your organic marketing efforts with a new comprehensive view of tracked keyword performance across all your locations.
  • Daily Tracking for Result Types: Stay on top of day-by-day changes in result type ownership and identify opportunities to win share with daily tracking.

Want to see our new features in action? Come take a tour of Conductor's SEO Platform with us.

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