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Conductor Reborn: Web Presence Management

Today, we’re introducing a revolutionary change to Conductor and our industry: from SEO to Web Presence Management (WPM).

I’m incredibly excited to introduce a revolutionary change to Conductor and our industry. Today, we’re announcing Conductor’s shift from SEO to Web Presence Management.

When we started Conductor, I could count on 10 fingers the number of companies that had full-time SEO teams (eBay,, etc).

We founded Conductor with the vision that companies would a) invest in SEO as a real channel and b) need partners and technology to measure and manage this channel. In 2014, this has become the standard.

Seth Besmertnik, CEO and Co-Founder, Conductor

Fast forward to 2014, and this vision has become reality. Attendees of Conductor’s C3 conference last year might remember this incredible statistic that highlights the extent to which SEO has penetrated the DNA of the modern company: in the fall of 2013, more than 1mm professionals had ‘SEO’ in their job titles or descriptions on LinkedIn, and that number only continues to grow. Today, over 500 companies are powering their marketing teams with Conductor’s technology.

Conductor was born SEO; we have played a vital role in helping companies understand why building SEO teams and investing in the channel is critical. And more evolution is needed; now, as companies see the overwhelming consumer preference for ‘unpaid’ media over paid media, the need to ‘double down’ on ‘unpaid’ channels is front and center. This creates an opportunity for SEO's ongoing evolution and for what we want to do to support our global customer base.

The days of creating undiscoverable content are going away. The days of making stand alone ‘SEO pages’ are going away.

As companies, we need to take control of our web presences and build incredible consumer experiences that achieve our traffic goals—and more importantly—delight our customers. Consumers are asking for this and very soon it will be required.

Seth Besmertnik, CEO and Co-Founder, Conductor

The old digital paradigm had customers researching products directly on your website. Now, research takes place before they even reach your website; through search engines, on social networks, and other content sources. Now, the lion’s share of your customers do not reach your site until later in the buyer's journey. Their click habits tell us they are not reachable via paid media.

Understanding who these customers are, what their pathway to purchase looks like —and using the right content at the right time…. that represents the future of digital marketing.

We call that Web Presence Management (WPM). Today, Conductor is reborn WPM.

Our ongoing vision is to help our customers achieve amazing things, be increasingly strategic, and deliver powerful results for their companies. We will pursue this vision with everything we have and invest in every place possible to make this a reality.

A huge thank you to all our fantastic customers who support us every day, to our 130+ Conductors that give this company everything they have—day after day—and to everyone involved in this industry.

(Oh, and Paid Media – we’re coming for you!

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